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Want to clear my thought...pls help


I am an Indian man 27 years old....I was in a relationship December 2016 with a girl....we start dating and very soon fall in love..we used to study together in library whole day...in July 2017 we start sharing a room so 24 hr we were spending together....life was pretty good...she was showing her love towards me too much....she used to tell me that she will never leave me nd same promise from my side...I was very positive about her....in December 2017 due to my job nd her further studies she moved on to her hostel....I was busy in my job nd not able to give proper time to her....just after less than one month her behaviour staring change....she start hiding her phone from me...when we meet she always put her phone on airplane mode or either in beg with multiple password protection....I was offended with this nd this start fight between us..she always tell me that she want her privacy that's why hiding phone ....her phone always busy when I call her....in may 2018 she finally confess that there is another man in her life....I was in much pain and depression....I break every connection with her....after 1 month she again came in my life and start saying sorry nd all that she was alone nd wanted emotional support etc.....I start meeting her again but she was still in touch with that guy....she used to tell me that she is just using that guy for help in study nd there is nothing between them.....but this trigger my depression more....I can't share my love with someone else...I nvr cheated her through out the relationship.....I want to break every string with her...pls guide me what is right for me....

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Can you be just friends?...what do you want out of this?..

I never love her like gf...we used to love each other like husband wife....I can't see her with other guy....even I can't accept her fully after her infidelity...I want to come out from this mess....I want to again focus on my career...I am too much insecure right now nd taking help of a psychiatrist

That's what I mean..you won't accept her fully, then how much?. It's up to you what you want to do...next time look at the things the way they are..how do you want to come out of this mess?..deal with your insecurity..it was always there, it's just come out more now.. nothing wrong with the way you loved her by the sounds of it...so, how do you want to move forward from this? ...what has happened, happened..do you have any idea how to handle it from here on?..

Why she is coming again and again in my life? But she want to be in contact with that guy also....she was saying that she is using that guy...but I think she is using me also.....I can't marry her now coz I will never able to forget about her infidelity and will never able to trust her....

Why is she?..you tell me...she helped you by showing you she is not the one..what do you want from here on?..

I want freedom from her...I want to leave my life just before her...I want to forget her....but not able to do that....I am jealous of her....she is coming in my dreams in sexual activity with that guy....I am feeling cheated all the time....I think I will nvr able to love any girl in my life....i will nvr able to trust any girl

Jealousy is poison..plus, what is there to be jealous of?.. listen..she did you a big favor...I know you are hurting..love hurts, it normal..you have feelings too just like everyone..time will heal...I gaurantee you..you will come out of this stronger and wiser...it's up to you how much you want to love the next person..who said to think of you being like married couple when you weren't?..anyway, forget all that..you are learning and growing in this field..love will find its way back to you, that I promise..so, heal for now..it's ok..focus on your career like you said and on yourself, that's a start..you sound like a smart guy, you know what to do..do you want to ask me anything?..feel free

No...thank u for ur kind words....I left that place and found a new job in new city...I think it will help me to deal with it....now I want to work on myself...I want to be a better person...I want to be mentally and physically stronger....

Look for someone new, this relationship seems to be exhausted.

Could you imagine getting married and still having doubts

Move on

Good Luck


I want to be single for some time and want to dedicate totally on my career....next time will be careful

Well you will be and it's happening as we speak..

Hope so

It is...

You should be comfortable in relationship and it should mean something to you. She should be able to care for your feelings, You will find someone.

Thanks for ur kind words

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