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*Trigger Warning* PTSD Symptoms Flaring

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Hi all! So I was sexually abused twice by my cousin as a child and then had a sexually abusive relationship in college. Because of all of this, I now have mild PTSD. Well this is around the time of year that I had my experiences with my cousin and my PTSD symptoms are flaring. I feel the urge to feel pain or do something really crazy to get my adrenaline running. I know this feeling is what leads many people to self destruction. Does anyone have any ideas regarding how to get rid of this feeling without doing anything harmful? Thank you!

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Do you like swimming at all? I know this may sound a little "off beam" as we British would say but swimming underwater (just at my local pool) really calms my emotions. I swim for a long time (obviously coming up for air imbetween) until I am really tired.

Or if you don't like or can't swim how about intensive walking or running or a really tiring sport of some kind?

Don't know if this will help but I would think that any totally absorbing physical activity would help distract from these very distressing symptoms/thoughts.

Gemmalouise x

Counselling will probably help so have you tried this? I have a friend who was in the army when she was young and she was raped there. The army treated her disgracefully and the perpetrator escaped scot free. Anyway she was forced out of the army but unfortunately she had a baby which she had to give up for adoption.

At that time of year especially she loses the plot and gets very drunk and unhappy. Nothing wrong in that. Her friends know and look after her.

She has had counselling in the past which helped her a lot in coming to terms with it which is why I mentioned it to you. x

Yes. I have an appointment with a counsellor this Thursday.


I think the advice you have received from our members is great. Have you spoken to your doctors about your history of abuse, and could they refer you on to specialist PTSD therapy? Here's the link to crisis support helplines in the States, hopefully, there's one in the list that might help:


Here is the Shaw Mind booklet on PTSD, which although the title is to do with PTSD and the Army', the process of the condition and the psychological treatments eg. ; Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are used successfully with civilians who have experienced a traumatic event leading to PTSD:


Here's a link to Mind UK mental health charity on PTSD diagnosis, treatments etc., and you can download the info in pdf:


Happiful Magazine UK - recent article by a guy who had PTSD post the Manchester bombings and how successful EMDR was: happiful.com/manchester-are...

Hope this helps.

Take care,

MAS Nurse

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Iluvhorses in reply to MAS_Nurse

I have an appointment with a counsellor for this Thursday.

sorry to hear that i am tracy from liverpool i have ptsd aswell if like to chat give us a follow hun

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