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Crying for no reason. Depression. Citalopram


I've been suffering with depression for almost a year now. I have been on 30mg since November last year. For the first time since being on this pills I curled up in a ball last night on my bed and cried for the best part of half an hour. I had absolutely no control over it... It was almost like I was possessed. It took me several attempts at taking deep breaths to calm myself down. I went to sleep feeling pretty bad and woke up this morning feeling soo low. My eyes were dryer than ever. Mum said I looked tired and asked if I was okay...I said yeah cos it was easier that tryna explain when they really don't understand the whole 'depression thing'. I hadn't felt that way since before taking the pills. Now...I'm not sure if I should go back to the GP cos of this 'one off' or if I should ignore it? Any help much appreciated not sure what happened or where I go from here

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I think you should go back to the GP. Feeling how you feel is new to me, so I can't offer much advice to you, I just booked in an appointment today. I think if you had a random outburst like that, maybe the meds aren't working like they should, or maybe they aren't enough? There's no harm in talking to your GP again.

Thanks ocean128. I think I'm going to try ringing the doctor in the morning, it genuinely scared me...I'm on a pretty high dose of anti depressant so I'm considering referring myself back to therapy. I was reading some of your posts, I really hope things work out for you.

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