Counselling no help for depression

I've finished a course of counselling on the NHS and I feel as depressed if not worse than when I started. I don't understand what was supposed to help. The dr put me on sertraline but that made things worse... well truly awful if I'm honest! He's switched me straight onto mirtazapine a week ago, but either that's messing me up or withdrawal from sertraline is.... or both! it's been 3 months since I started getting help, I've been suffering with depression for a couple of years And on and off my whole life. this is the first time I've ever asked for help. I've been mostly off work sick and feeling just terrible with side effects and wasting my time talking at a counsellor. I think I'm an intelligent and aware person but what the hell is counselling meant to do? I didn't like going. I didn't know what to say. The whole process made me feel stupid. My partner wants me to try private therapy but I don't wanna waste my money to go thru that again :(

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  • Private therapy could well be the way forward if you can afford it; there are many different types to try, a lot more than available on the nhs. You might just find one that benefits you. It's worth a try if it means the possibility of helping you defeat this nasty illness.


  • My therapist 'warned' me right from the start that things would get 'worse' before they started in getting better...If the therapy is 'working'... it will dredge up things that are connected to what seems to be bothering you only 'now'... and this can be difficult... Very seldom are the things that are causing depression only connected to 'what is happening right now'...

    I am sure the 'right therapist' would help... but with any of them, its a process...and not an instant magical "I feel better now" thing... Anyway, I wish you the best of luck... also...with Rx's.... I am back on Prozac (after about a year) and its, for the most part, making me feel HORRIBLE...but this is only the 2nd week...and like it or not...these pills take time... and I totally understand how you can become discouraged... but just try to hang in there!

  • My therapist didn't say anything now I think about. I just prattled on for an hour. After 5 sessions I asked if I was doing it right because I was getting nothing out of it. She reassured me that it was all fine... so I prattled on for 3 more sessions and then the course was over. I said it hadn't helped. The therapist said that talking therapy doesn't help me and I was Discharged from their system. I did 13 weeks on sertraline working up to highest dose and that was horrendous! And stopping abruptly has rendered my housebound this last week. My dr keeps reassuring me every time I bring up concerns and I think he knows best but every time it gets worse! It's been 10 days on mirtazapine 30mg I just want to throw them all in the bin :( I don't trust any of them anymore and I was better before any of this

  • I'm sorry, no, that doesn't sound right at all... Especially if she just sat there and said NOTHING.... I think Coughalot is right... please consider trying a different (private) therapist...I still believe that the right one could make a huge difference in your life...even, though, like I DOES take awhile...there are no magical over night cures or pills that work in a hurry. (Be nice if there were! :) ) Take good care...

  • Hi give it time to start helping you. It took years to feel like this and it might take longer before you start feeling better. Try private counselling - what have you got to lose? x

  • Hi there

    You need to find the right counsellor/ therapist and not one that just nods at you. I had this once when I was 17 and it took me 15 years to see another one as it put me off so much ( to top it off she was clock watching as well). I have seen two since and they have been very different but far more interactive which might suit you. If you do go private, ask up front how the sessions will be carried out. Worth giving it another go though.

    Hope you can get the right help.


  • Hi,

    I agree with the general consensus of your replies. Give the new ADs more time. I had to stop taking Sertraline because it made me really poorly. I've been on Venlafaxine for around 6 months now, and it's made a big difference.

    My first counsellor was awful. She made me think that I was selfish and needed to just pull myself together. She suggested I attend religious events, when I am not religious. The only good things she did for me was give me a hug and force me to seek urgent medical attention when I needed it.

    My second counsellor was brilliant. Anyone who has read my posts knows how I felt about her. I was sceptical about talking therapy too. I didn't see how talking would fix anything.

    I think you have to be ready to open the wounds and actually really want the fix for it to truly work. Not that I'm saying you don't. I was there for grievance counselling and we never got into that because I had to let down my barriers to talk about more urgent matters.

    If you can afford therapy, then I suggest you go. I have to wait 11 months now to see a psychologist. Remember that you are paying for it too, which means that if you can't develop a good relationship with your therapist, you can ask to see another one. Get the best bang for your buck.


  • I'm back at docs for 2 week medication review next week, I have small amount of bupa insurance I can use so will ask doc for a referral so I can make a claim. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I'm still getting head zaps and I'm unsteady on my feet, but it must get better soon!!! I'll post on here how it goes

  • After 4 weeks of mirtazapine I gained 5kg! Made me feel so groggy and stumbley. I just stopped 45mg cold turkey. Not really a problem. Had a week drug free which went ok, still depressed and fighting tears sometimes but made it thru a full week of work!

    Seen a psychiatrist, he says talk therapy wont help, he seems to think I'm genetically pre-dispositioned to depression, been prescribed Prozac (fluoxetine) I'm not happy bout it but I'll try it.

    Been 4 days on 20mg, getting no side effects at all.... is that coz I was on previous antidepressants recently?

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