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Bad night been bad days


Going through a really tough depression. Going to see new therapist tomorrow if i can make it there. I dont want to say how i feel i dont want to trigger. Its just been so much thats happened in my life; painful school memories (and that was triggered by someone posting an old photo of a class pic today on social media) bad marriage, bad relationship im getting out of ( i thought he loved me smh), im nit the best mom to my daughter. I love her but it gets fustrating when you dont have a child that just “gets it”. And me with my depression and her dad ( my soon to be ex husband) works 2 jobs but when he’s home he don’t do barely any parenting, my mom passed away 16 years ago so its really a struggle to be a mom. Im just crying right npw wondering why I received such a life! What did i do to deserve all of this??

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1) you posted so you're brave!

2) who would know why anyone deserves anything at all, at any point? The future is your chance to not worry about that anyway

3) I hope the therapy works. People say things like Omega 3 (without 6 it seems) is an antidepressant. There are foods and lifestyle changes you can make to help your brain stay uplifted. Check it out.

4) mindfulness can help you centre yourself and relax in the moment

5) I hope someone else replies I'm super not up to this at the moment haha

Thanks for your reply Zoea. I have no where to turn but here to vent because most people I know don’t want to hear about my struggles, especially if they never experienced it. Ok when I am more financially set I will check out the omega along with other suggestions I received. Its hard being me~

Good Luck with your Therapist tomorrow

Make a list with what has gone wrong and how it has affected your life. Your first appointment will be an assessment so it can be important to lay out your cards on the table with your explanations, this will help in your moving on


Thanks borderriever, I went to therapy, laid it all out. And it was ALOT! I can’t say it helped, it was only 1 session, and its been several months since I last saw one, but it did confirm some things: finally keeping that person out my life has been great for my peace of mind. That has been a great first step. Now I have 20minutes to get myself dressed and wash my hair before driving out to a job hiring session. Its super hard to do to fight 🥊🥊through this depression but I have to do it or I will continue to be broke and not properly provide for my daughter. I will keep you updated. Gotta run!👟👟

Well done with your Appointment.

I now look at life when possible. We fight for life when born and we need to strive to get those rewards we seek.

Let us know how you got on with the job


Thanks Bob. Unfortuanatrly I couldnt go to that new hire appointment for the job, I didn’t have enough gas to get there and back. I didnt prepare myself ahead of time. And at this time there are no other appointments available. It has zapped me out of energy and hope. I really like the company and I have gotten re hired lots of times. Eventually I will move on from the feeling but its happening at the moment. And I know my depression is still high because I didnt even want to talk to my friend over the phone today nor visit my aunt as I said I would yesturday. Even if you dont reply thanks for being a listening ear!

You need confidence in yourself, and you will need to work on that

Regards Petrol, living in the country we need to carry some cans in case something happens. We need to attend appointments, GP or hospital.

You need pushing and eventually you will be able to move on and achieve your needs and expectations.


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