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Everything you need to know about wisdom teeth removal


"Recently I had a wisdom teeth removal. So I am sharing my experience and everything that I know about wisdom tooth removal with you.

First, you need to understand what it is. Wisdom teeth are the last molar on each side of the upper and lower jaw. They naturally breakthrough when we age. But there isn’t enough room for them because our jaws don’t grow big enough. Hence it will be completely or partially blocked under the gums.

In my case, the tooth was completely blocked under the gums. This will lead to problems like infection, decaying, etc. My wisdom tooth and the tooth near it was decaying. Which resulted in a sharp pain while chewing food. Other symptoms include head and jaw ache, bad breath, redness of gums, swelling of gums, etc.

The removal procedure is usually done by a specialist. Like in my case the doctor may have to cut your gums or bone to get the teeth out. If so, he'll stitch the wounds. Because of anesthesia, we won't feel any pain during the surgery. But after the surgery, the pain will start. The first 2,3 days after the surgery will be very painful, even if we take painkillers. The pain will spread to your jaws and neck. Even eating and drinking will be difficult.

After this surgery:

You should keep your head elevated for the first 3,4 days. You shouldn't eat heavy food. And don't smoke at all. Massage your jaws and cheeks with an ice bag. And you must drink saline water every day. You should be very careful until the stitches are fully healed. So don't drink through a straw and be careful while brushing.

I went to a dentist office in Oakville( dentistoakville.com/ ) for my wisdom tooth removal and it went very well. Other than the usual pain no other problems occurred. "

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I've had extractions and root canals....not pleasant...but you do recover.

Not to take too big of bite out of you, but how is this relevant to Mental Health Support ? Pam

in reply to sweetiepye

Some people, like me, have an unreasonable fear of dentists. Just knowing how a procedure is done in advance, is helpful. :)

in reply to Krazie

Hopefully your Dentist would give you that information. The question still stands. Pam

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