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Feeling tired


I am so tired all the time I feel like giving up I feel like crying but can't nothing comes out to try fell better so much is building up fell like I am going explode so fed up feeling like crap all the time and feel like the voice in my head is getting louder every day doesn't same ease down the last while back wish it would stop getting harder to ignore

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Lynsey, yes it is hot

Can you give more information

Lynsey have you gone to a GP to see if there are any underlying physical issue? I am also always tired. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as many mental health issues.

Hey Lynseyhot-

I’ve been totally exhausted lately, too, sometimes sleeping (or staying in bed) up to 12 or more hours a day. There have been several things contributing to this that my doctors and I have identified. Three are directly related to physical discomfort: failing kidneys, bursitis in my shoulder and chronic neck pain. I’ been doing what I can to alleviate those conditions (i.e. injections and hydration). But others are psychological like stress and mood swings from depression to hypomania. I’ve started using a mindfulness app called Calm and another to help me relax when my head hits the pillow. The last several days I’ve also forced myself to get out of bed when I first wake up. That’s been around 5 am. I was exhausted during the day for a while but didn’t allow myself to take any naps. Now I’m getting to bed no later than my doctor has been insisting (10:00) and feeling much better in the morning.

As someone else suggested, first have any physical issues ruled out then try getting that circadian rhythm back on track. I’d also avoid eating past 8 pm and winding down without looking at any devices or television for at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Try some melatonin (and valerian), too.

Best of luck.

are you in therapy, on meds?

I am in therapy I on antiperspirant tablets

Ah ok, are they tablets to stop you sweating in the heat??? :) Sorry couldn't resist that one. Joking aside I am so sorry you are feeling like this. Myself i am in a similar extremely negative cycle. I don't feel tired but I feel terrified all the time and get very S..... It is awful like a living hell and I phone the Samaritans a lot. Hope you can find even a small thing to help. Love, Gemma xx

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