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Feeling trapped !

Hi everyone , I am feeling quite low today and hopeless in the same time , I am fighting my last breaking down for at least 7 months and it seems the worst one i have eve had . I feel very lonely even though I have a partner cause he doesn't know how to help me . It is very painful to feel that you are an able to have a normal life sorry for being so negative . I fell very lonely .....

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Hi there Rod

I am lonely everyday and I live alone , it is very hard when your partner doesnt understand , I am wondering have you been to see your GP Do you take any medication , I am new on this forum and its nice to know other people feel the same .

Lonely is a terrible place to be I know that all too well, it can be a physical pain and you dont know how to cope.

I hope you feel better soon,

Sharon x


I understand that feeling of resentment at not being able to have a normal life. Depression is a crippling illness that, due of the lack of physical symptoms, is often hard to accept. Seek help, and hope for tiny steps. It won't be forever, Rod x


feeling lonely and isolated is part of depression in my experience. I can completely empathise with your anger at not feeling normal or feeling like you can lead a normal life. It took me a long time to admit I had depression and I fought against it for a very long time, and even though I do acknowledge I have depression it is still hard to accept because I do not want to feel this way. I think you just have to try every day and eventually, I hope at least, I will feel at peace with myself and able to find some enjoyment in life again.


Have you ever thought about talking to someone confidentialy like a counsellor, who can explore why your feeling lonely, even though you have someone,,, and where that loneliness comes from, and explore more,.

If you dig deeper you might find your breakdowns are no longer, because then you have got to the root of the problem. maybe??? a lot of work, but sooo worth it, if you can ditch these emotional feelings. x take care Linda


I have felt alone during my depression even though my husband and two daughters were very supportive, as were several friends. It's a very isolating illness and I find the best thing was talking to my psychologist.He gives me ideas to help me, rationalises things when I am totally irrational and boosts my cconfidences for any tiny acheivements I make. See your GP and find out if you are able to access a mental health professional to help you. All the very best . xx


Thank you guys for the nice words and advice . I have been trying everything that is available but this time it's being harder to balance . Somehow I want to keep going on but I can't see the future and I don't have any interest in doing anything ....


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