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New here in need of support . Struggle with trauma related mental health issues and having a extremely difficult and painful time at the moment. I am 33 and am currently feeling very isolated, finding everything pretty difficult. Have struggled with mental health issues for a very long time due to chronic trauma.

I like to think I am a kind individual who just wishes life was a little kinder to me as it feels very harsh right now

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Hello violetsky1 and welcome to this supportive community. The members here are very caring and are very kind to new members such as yourself. We were very sorry to see that you have had so much trauma in your young life and that you are struggling to cope and hope that you find the peace that you seek. Take time to look around the community board as there is good, helpful information in the 'Pinned posts' and 'Topics' sections.

Please stay in touch with the community and let us all know how you are getting on


MAS Nurse.

Goodmorning violetsky1. What a beautiful name. I also suffered trauma and had PTSD. I had stopped talking, could not remember anything and was pretty messed up. But, I found a wonderful counselor who guided me back to "normalcy". I also saw a psychiatrist who prescribed some meds. I think the key issue is to find a excellent counselor you can trust. They will walk you through this. Good luck !

Hello. thankyou very much. yes I like the colour violet it is a lovely colour.

Yes I am currently having trauma therapy but sometimes I still find things extremely difficult I have possible dissociative disorder and sometimes I can just feel extremely overwhelmed and find it very difficult to fight all these feelings emotions every day.

She is a very good therapist and very experienced but sometimes I still get extremely sad and down and feel sometimes like I am not coping at all sometimes.

I dont have any friends to see and I struggle still to go out the house.

Hello VioletSky1 love your name!

Welcome 👋🏽

Im so glad you found this site of wonderful caring people and I hope you receive all that you want from it !

If you feel you need professional help to get through your feelings and learning how to deal with them then please don’t hesitate.

Thats what helped me 💕

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Hello. thanks very much

your name is also nice we all need hope don't we I think

I am currently having therapy but that and my sister are kind of the only support I feel I have and sometimes things still can get too much for me with the nature of my mental illness and the things I have been through and am working through in trauma therapy

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