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Miserable summer hater

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Hi im new here just been to docs and gotbupset as i explained i cant find enjoyment in this summer. I hate 20 degrees better today as i get dizzy. I failing to get a job and live on universal credit. Hope to start group therapy soon dont fancy using antidepressants again...anyone else get quite low in the summer or am i just plain miserable😒 lol

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Hi welcome to you...

Oh I dislike summer and prefer winter you are not alone.

I used to be a sun worshipper when I was younger, definitly not now...so if your a moaner I am too ,, we can be moaning friends haha 😂

Seriously sick of this heat, and I struggle with social anxiety and so many people around , so many reasons for me to hate it !!

Can’t wait for cosy nights when it’s cold outside

A big welcome Katherine you are not alone 🌷🌷🌷

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Thats good to know my anxiety comes and goes less in the winter as like u, i prefer the lights on heatg on and something on the TV. I like the flowers in my garden altho since weve had nil rain except 4 drizzle yesterday ive had to water myself. I live alone which is ok but dont like crowds either dreading 6 weeks holidays soon horrible kids yelling and screaming while the parents just ignore the.... I used to play outdoors too but now dont care as much! Thanks for replying.sick of football and tennis as certain programmes get taken off or delayed😣😣 cant september hurry up??

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I totally get you, dread summer hols and lots of people around. This summer here is an exception it’s been sooooo hot for so long..

I different to you in that I do love the football, sorry...it’s a great distraction for me

September better hurry up 😂 x

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Ah we cant like everything...at jobcentre tom morng luckily my advisor knows she can rely on me to do my jobsearchg not that its getting me anywhere (sigh) oh well logging off for now appreciate reading ur replies and will use this site again. Take care😉 katharine.

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Take care.

Look forward to seeing you around 🌺

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You too not one for facebook so this feels quite good.bye for now.

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Same 😊


My summers are different to my winters.

I am disabled an when the Barometer falls, I suffer more pain.

When the barometer rises, I am a little better.

I am getting on now and generally warmth helps the pensioner enjoy their lives because they can go out more. In the winter we get stuck and cannot go out. I sit in my study on the computer and look at my picture books where I have been etc I also wash my fruit trees in the garden

In the summer I work in my orchard and garden for short periods of time.

Whatever the weather or time of year there are always little things we can do, All the seasons have different activities Yes if it is to hot, it can be uncomfortable, however there is always something to enjoy


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Summer is why we have iced tea, and BBQ , sweet corn dripping with butter , men without shirts on, swimming pools, summer nights to catch lighting bugs, cool shade to read books in , cars with tops down . Summer is for doing nothing and enjoying it. Pam

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And I thought it was just me! I don't like summer either. I can't concentrate properly and can't get to sleep. I worked out my favourite weather is 10 degrees with a light drizzle. Maybe I should move to North Scotland! 🙂

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Hi id like summer more if i didnt sweat get acid reflux ibs and anxiety thrown in! I can go out in the sun but ten minuts like today being 26 by far horrible. I cant get why people love this weather i hate it. I cant wait til the end of august next month when things cool down. I find sucking an ice cube helps and drinking water, fizzy drinks like coke are bad for reflux but zero coke ok.i also hate the little cornflies that are out they are everywhere, even on a bus they fly in and land on you...the school hols start this fri and urgh i really wish I could live somewhere peaceful for a while just 4 a break! Jobsearch is going nowhere either i still have to do 5 hours a day tho being on universal credit. Sorry for ranting but i hope it rains tom as forecasters say😞 katharine.

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