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Advice on depression and panic attacks


I've been living witb depression for over 10 years on and off, obviously high and lows. Can only remember my last panic attack before tonight which was a social situation where i knew no one. Any guys perspective here would be great. 3 days into a circumcision i unbandanged and had a panic attack seeing what it looked like. Im scared to have more panic attacks when cleaning and should i try have a carer with me the next few days? This whole process has me shaken, anxious, depressed and scared. Never had big surgeries affecting my body like this besides a simple appenddix removal. Any advice for my mental health would be really appreciated :( x

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Sorry to hear you are feeling like this. From a woman perspective I can only say that there are a lot of people who would also feel unwell about having any operation. It is okay to feel like that and it is okay to ask for help too.

If you have any techniques for controlling your breathing, panic attacks then practise them and use them. If you don't have any techniques then speak to someone who can help you learn some.

Focus on the fact that you need to keep the wound clean and that it is okay to feel squeamish about it also. Some nice relaxing breaths and positive thoughts may help when you have to clean the wound. If it is too much then ask for help. Again I add that there are a lot of people who are not comfortable or able to deal with seeing blood or wounds so please don't be afraid to ask for help.

Take care.

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Thank you for the words of reassurance. Never been through something like this recovery and im not that mentally strong lately. Im going to try and see if mum can just be at home for me a bit just so i dont feel isolated. Just hoping i get no complications and healing sorts itself out. Does keeping well hydrated help to minimise the chance of how light headed and dizzy i felt during a panic attack?

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Hi, For your whole well being staying well hydrated is good. If you are feeling light headed during panic attacks that could be something else. I know from my own attacks that my breathing rate would increase so I was only taking in short gasps of air and that made me light headed. I had to slow my breathing down so I did that by slowly breathing in to a count of 5, holding my breath for a count of 3 and then slowly out for a count of 10. I repeat this cycle of breathing 3 or 4 times and check how I am feeling. It is all about slowing down your breathing rate and taking in a good breath. There are lots of different breathing techniques out there so have a lot and find one that works for you.

The real trick with these exercises is that you must practise them everyday so that when you do have a panic attack you are not fumbling to remember what to do, it just happens when you start the technique.

Check out the ShawMind website as I am sure they will have some information on breathing exercises, if not search the web.

Take care and remember you are alright and you can control the panic attacks. Seeking help for them would be good for you to do as well. Lots of information available these days.

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