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Someone to talk to?

I used to suffer badly with depression. And I’ve battled with my anxiety this past year. I’ve managed to control my anxiety with tablets and after a job change etc. But this past few months have been tough and I’m scared of fallen back into it all. Found out my dad has a brain tumour and that my mum has been diagnosed with MS two weeks later.

It’s been hard as the dynamic at home isn’t great, the tumour affects my dads personality and he can be difficult to be around, as he can be nasty for no reason. I know he can’t help it but it doesn’t make it easier.

And I’ve just come out of my 4 year relationship.

I know there’s people with a lot more going on which makes me feel worse but I’m just not coping well at the moment.

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Hello Mel-93

It sounds as you are having such a difficult time at the moment. It must be really hard to cope with your own situation whilst struggling with both your Mum and Dad's health problems and your recent relationship break up. It will be natural that you will be vulnerable at this time.

Perhaps you could tell us more about how your depression and anxiety impacts on your situation and a little more about yourself?

You may need some time out to talk with friends or those you can trust. Perhaps you could talk with your doctor or support worker to get more help for you at this time?

You may want to consider getting in touch with MIND mind.org

The pinned posts may also be helpful for more information for both you and your parents.

Our members are very supportive, so perhaps they can also offer you more support.

Keep in touch and take care


I’ve started losing motivation completely, I really struggle getting out of bed. I’m finding it hard to focus at work and I’m on probation as it’s a new job, and I don’t want it to affect it as I really like working there.

Just feel tired all the time which isn’t helping.

I’m back getting paranoid all the time, people talking about me etc so I’ve stopped talking to people.

I’m 24 and was supposed to be moving out with my partner next year.


That's a lot to Be Going Through! I'm Praying For You And Your Family.

Feel Free To Talk To Me Anytime.

I Might Take a While To Get Back To You, But I Will.

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Stay Strong. PM me if you need anything. Sorry for the short reply today.

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Hi, I have sent you a private message about how I recovered from my 36 year battle with mental health. Hugs x

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Hi marigold. Please could you message me too. I'm in a pretty bad place at the moment xx

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Hi, I will send you over my Word Doc on how I recovered from my really bad mental health symptoms. However, each person may have something else going on, and each person may have different things that are causing their mental health illness.

However - this way of eating will go a long way to helping to heal the body.

There are very very good reasons for cutting out and adding certain types of foods.

I have explained fully the reasons for why you need to cut out or add certain foods.

Good luck

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Thank you, Im going to give it a start after the new year and see if it helps :)

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