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Bipolar spectrum/ change to rapid cycling?


Hi, I read this article because I’ve been having mood swings ever since I stopped cymbalta (I was doing well): I have no thryoid, but am stable on the meds. Restarted cymbalta but still mood swings. Added abilify, now on 5 mg, so periods in between lows are longer, but definitely higher days as well. And normal days and mixed state days. So confusing! I’ve always been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder with depressive symptoms, but wonder if that’s right. I’ve never bothered to tell the doctors about periods of higher mental state, because the felt so great and good. So definitely no severe mania, but some hypomania I can definitely recognize. The6 used to be longer lasting (months of high-ish, down, normal), now it cycles from day to day, week to week, or within the day. Sigh.

I may be important for meds and therapy, so I’d like to hear your experience ...


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Extremely interesting article. In a way I wish I was bipolar because that would mean that I don't have a personality disorder or something just weird in my past that makes me unable to cope. I've read all the "symptoms" and unfortunately pretty sure I'm not bipolar. If I was then the medication they prescribe for that may be able to help me but I can't relate to it so it seems that no meds will help me and my mood is just because I really am in a terrible place due to my poor upbringing and lack of emotional development. Oh hell I've still got to face these days? weeks? months? years? ( how long can I keep stopping myself for worry over hurting others or them being angry if I fail? more to the point because they have tried to help me in their own ways ) of wanting to die but not being able to do the deed for fear of it failing. That imbetween world i've now been in for over 2 years. Always been distressed but this kind of distress is awful.

I hope the article helped you. It certainly describes one of my friends absolutely though she's adamant she doesn't have it. It's so ridiculous because it's so obvious to me and everyone around her that she does but she won't medicate at all and I think that is a bit silly when you have an illness that is medicatable. I wish mine was. I know it isn't which is why I am still so desperate. Sorry for harking on about myself again but at least I replied.

On your comments about yourself yes this could be part of the issue for you. Difficult to say to be certain but certainly worth mentioning to the professionals and worth considering.

Gemma x

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I’m sorry Gemma. I hope you have found a good therapist. You will get through this. Interesting book to read is by Bessel van Der Kolk. The body keeps the score. Gives a person hope.

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Thank you Dutch girl. There are so many recommended "gurus" out there, ie people suggesting "reasons" or "answers". I looked him up; he seems ok. I don't know really what is the cause with me but age has caught up with me (nearly 60) and not had much of a normal life and very little hope of finding anything any better. In the nether regions because of my fear of doing the deed and the hurt that can cause. But thank you. I'm ok for this evening and have stuff planned for the weekend as i have to.x

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