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Struggling today

Having a particularly bad day today mentally. Not really sure why, nothing has really happened. I guess I could just be stressed, because me and my family are moving house in a few weeks, around the time I will be doing my a levels. And I have a presentation on Tuesday, I hate doing these because my anxiety gets really bad and my mind just goes blank, leaving me with nothing to say.

I just feel so completely useless..

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You are human. Sending you peaceful vibes and hugs! It’s definitely normal to feel that way, you’ve got stressful stuff coming up. Envision the outcome you want. Your mind will attach to that and it will manifest. Your mind is very powerful and also a little trickster. Steer it, direct it and watch it from above, be an observer. See how it tries to trip you up. Say to it “no, that’s not helpful. Those thoughts are not helpful. I know the truth and I am in control.” I know it’s not easy but it will become a habit. Blessings and strength in this crazy time and know that chaos (the move) leads to something better!! Hang in there and you’ll get back to peace and light.


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