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Feeling pretty low right now. Been a bad couple of nights in regards to sleeping. Think that’s due to the anxiety keeping me awake idk anymore. Been waking up at least 5 times during the night after having a bad or just weird dream. Keeps me awake thinking about the dreams. This has been leaving me so fatigued during the day, so I waste the day doing nothing. That’s probably why I feel low now I guess.

I’m just at the point where I’m like what’s the point, I don’t know why I bother. I don’t have a purpose here. I’ve lost love for everything, I used to like exercise but even that gives me no joy now. I don’t know...

Why do our brains have to be so stupid

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Sleep health is crucial to wellbeing. If I don't sleep I get irritable, tearful and I eat non - stop. Do you think it is something that might settle, or do you think you could speak to your GP? They might be able to prescribe something to help? I try to avoid taking tablets, I prefer taking a hot bath, getting to bed before the other half does (he's a horrific snorer and if he's asleep before me I've got no chance!), and keeping my phone out of reach!

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Yes me too. Except I’ve completely lost my appetite. Hopefully it’ll settle, I don’t like going to my gp because he’s not helpful at all with mental health. So I come out of the gp worse than going in usually. I already take sertraline for depression and propranolol for anxiety too. I also try to avoid tablets as much as possible, they’re only used as a last resort most times. Will try the hot bath tonight and will turn my phone off! Thanks x

Hiya, I agree with Suzie40, that trying to improve the quality of your sleep and eating well is essential for good mental health. I know this isn't always easy to achieve as it's often at night with our guards down, that those pesky negative thoughts start whirring around in our heads keeping us awake. Check out this link to Mind UK charity on how to look after yourself:


You may find this interesting from The Mighty website, about how one person dealt with those night time feelings of worthlessness:


Your life is worth living, you are important and valuable. We appreciate you and the contribution you give to this forum. Tell a good understanding friend how you feel, arrange to meet for coffee, a chat, a walk, hold yourself accountable to them.

Take care,

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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