Waves of depression, feeling so low

Hello, I'm new here and just wondered if anyone has waves of depression? I'm a 27 year old female.

I'm ok one minute and the next I feel so low, hopeless and I question if I want to be here. I have a little girl and a lovely family and friends and don't understand why I keep feeling like this. I feel so happy when the mood lifts and greatful that I feel normal for awhile then bam, I'm back in the low mood.

It really scares me as I never know when or if it will lift again. Is this normal for depression. I had very severe anxiety but since taking sertroline, it has shifted alot,. I just struggle with this hopeless feeling.

Thank you x

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  • But you know it has always improved, so why question it for the future?

    This sounds like cyclothymic disorder.

    Worth discuwith your doctor to consider cbt and o r medication with a mood stabiliser

  • Thank you for your reply, I'm haven't heard of that disorder before but will look it up : )

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  • This is normal with depression one minute we feel good then we can feel completely low mood. Just take each day as it comes and deal with what you can. Always praise yourself for a good day and achieving things which you thought was a hard deal.

    Every day is a challenge and we are to rise up to the challenge.

    If you are at a lose end with no one to talk to write in a daily journal notebook write down all the things that trouble you or all the things you would like to happen do this each night before you go to bed it will ease your mind and you should have a better nights sleep.

    Remember your journal is for you only unless you wish to share it with others.

    It is extremely good therapy something which i have been doing now for 30yrs.

    We all get the feeling of being hopeless and degraded and life is not worth living but that is when we are the very lowest. When that happens we need to take several deep breaths and tell ourselves thats enough what can I do to change this feeling. Sit down and Write or talk to someone who understands you.

    Write down what you would like to do with your life things you wish or want to happen to make you happy and concentrate on it and pray eavry night for your wish to come true if it can it will but you have to be very patient and put a lot of hard work into being positive. Help others who need help you are not alone many people have the same feelings but they find it hard to talk about and try to brush it off. It takes a lot of guts to admit there is a problem and that you need help and this is what this site is for. I hope this helps you.

    Read the Book The Road Less Travelled by Scot Peck

  • Thank you so much for your reply. It brought me to tears. It's so lovely to hear from someone. I'm having a really bad time at the moment.

    My partner just shouted at me and said "your nuts, your not right and I think you need help" it was because I was in a good mood earlier and now I'm feeling really low/weird panicky and surreal.

    His shouting has made me feel worse. I have no support at home and I feel like I'm a failure as a mother to my little girl. I'm going to try and write some things down now x

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