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Is my mum mentally unstable?

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My mum is an alcoholic and drinks 70 units a week. She says that she is a witch but also Mary Magdalene. (I am a Christian) she has also said she is Jesus and a blood relation to her. She also has said she's been reincarnated from Mary Magdalene. Does she need help?

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It can't hurt to get her an appointment with a doctor. If nothing is wrong with your Mom, then the specialist will say so and then you don't have to take her back.

I think she might need to see someone to have chat, although I wish you all luck in the world with that. My experiences of having a Mum who was alcohol dependent was that it was near impossible to get her to engage with anyone! Good luck x

Thats a shame to be dealing with this. Sounds to me as thought she does need help but you could probably do with some support yourself. Are there other family members who can help? What age are you?

I hope someone can get her an appointment to see someone soon...


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I'm 24. There's only my dad as my sister lives in a different part of the country. It's scary as she doesn't believe she has a problem. She thinks what's shes saying is true.

How is your dad about it all??

I think what you would need to do is see if you could get someone to come to the house to see your mum, rather than try to get her into a surgery. Chances are she maybe would not want to go anyway. I think you need to speak to someone at your surgery (even if you can have a word with your own GP - they might be able to point you in the right direction, although because your mum would not be there with you at the time they couldn't really commit themselves to tell you anything else).

If it were me, I would try that as a first step and see how you get on.

Really feel for you and your mum.

Take care and let us know how you get on.

If it gets you down, remember you can come on here and at least let off a bit of steam.


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louloudeedee in reply to En1234

Thank you so much. My Dad tries to do what he can but my Mum just tells him that she's cursed him and is veryour verbally abusive. She says she will divorce him at least twice a week. She acts like we've done something wrong. But we haven't done anything even sitting watching tv we can't do as she'll come out with the craziest things. She's even said that Marilyn Monroe is her guardian angel. Thereach nothing we can do as she's adamant that she is fine. According to her she's brilliant.

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Yeah....Seek the help you need....and you will get it. Don't be afraid to ask and don't rest until someone listens.

Wishing you all the best!!



if you live in England you should phone 111 and talk to them they are qualified. That I think is the best thing. All the Best.

I agree with Caroline62 also. If you live in England maybe 111 are more helpful. ( I live in Scotland an we have NHS 24 and they are absolutely.....hopeless, and I wouldnt waste my time with the 20 minutes of questions before they transfer you to someone else, who then asks you the same questions to the point you are so frustrated your blood starts to boil).

Either way I wish you good luck louloudeedee as this must be very stressful for you.

Remember to look after you as well!!... :-) :-)

alcohol is a demon not just to our bodies but also our minds.sadly I'm in the same position with my brothers problem but until he admits it then theres not much anyone can do.i tried many times to shock him into quitting but it never helped.he seeks support now and then but never sorry to hear your situation but never stop supporting her and trying to day I hope you can talk her into receiving help.

Hi Louloudeedee and welcome to this caring forum. This must be a very difficult situation for you all. Help and support is available. It would be a good idea to speak to your mum's GP and explain the situation. She may not be willing to attend the surgery, so perhaps one of the doctors could make a home visit? Also, as other members have suggested, you could call NHS 111

Hi Louloudeedee, I am sorry about the message above. I will type it again. Welcome to this caring forum. This must be a very difficult situation for you all. Help and support is available. It would be a good idea to speak to your mum's GP and explain the situation. She may not be willing to attend the surgery, so perhaps one of the doctors could make a home visit? Also, as other members have suggested, you could call NHS 111 for advice. The GP could refer your mum to her local mental health team for assessment and support, and you and your dad could receive support, also.

I have found the following website addresses which I hope will be helpful to you--

Information and support for families of drug and alcohol users


These websites list other contact numbers and website addresses that may also be helpful to you. Look after yourselves and please stay on the forum where you will receive help and support from other members. Thank you and best wishes.

Just a thought,can you get her to go to an AA Meeting that would help her thought pattern.?

I'm not sure I'd be able to. I still live with her she throw me out if I did.

Think your mother definitely needs to see her GP - do you know if she has liver problems? liver problems can also affect B12 absorption and B12 levels in serum - this can lead to a deficiency at the cell level (can occur both with high levels caused by B12 dumping from a damage liver) as well as low levels if the liver is no longer able to act as a store for B12 - one of the symptoms of this can be neuropsychiatric problems - however your GP may well not be aware of this.

She has vitamin b12 injections yet what I don't understand is she said her liver test came up fine.

liver problems aren't the only think that will cause B12 deficiency and it may be that your mother may not be getting all the B12 she needs - particularly if she is on three monthly injections. Do the delusions get worse as she gets towards needing her next shot?

There is a lot more about B12 on the PAS forum on HU. PA is an absorption problem and the most common cause of B12 deficiency.

No they don't get worse neae or after. She is like this constantly. Every day of every week. My Dad has felt close to a breakdown as he can't keep handling it. Unfortunately I lost my job a short time ago due to cuts so I can no longer escape from it at work as I am at home all day on cannot get away from it 😢

in that case you definitely need to get your mother to agree to see her doctor and get it looked into. If you and your father feel that you may be physically at risk from what is happening, or that your mother is likely to harm herself then you need to contact her doctor and the police.

You and your dad need to find a way of getting some space - particularly if your father is close to a breakdown so it might be that persuading your father to see his GP and talk through the situation would be another way to go. You might also want to look at websites like Mind which have specific areas with guidance for people who are trying to care for someone with a mental problem

I don't know where in the world you are, but if you're in the UK give the MIND helpline a call, they can help you and your mother and offer advice of where to go to next. Good luck, you need help as much as your mother does

Thank you. I will give it a try.

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