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Hello everyone!

I'm not very good at introducing myself - I'm a little awkward with these things. I've joined here out of 'curiosity' or to be truthful I'm feeling lonely & super bored with myself. I have struggled with depression & anxiety the last 5 yrs.

I only began accepting 'professional help' last year. It's tough and CBT didn't work out for me, so I do weekly counselling & in meantime see a psychiatrist every 3 months while I am trying medications.

I'm rather setback, and I'm finding it difficult to understand my illness. My 'treatment' or 'therapy' doesn't quite fit me - I do find it hard to express myself completely & leave some of the things left under the sheets.

Meh, anyways, I'm happy to help other people & learn about mental illness more, or understand, relate, expose experiences etc.

I hope everyone here is having an okay day? Keep your heads high, it's difficult.

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Hey! I am in the same boat, CBT hasn't worked for me and I am not happy with taking pills it doesn't help me as such, I hope that meeting new people and talking to them will help! I also try drawing to help with me so maybe that could be a try?

Hello, and welcome. I'm sure you'll find lots of of reasons to stick around. I suffer with depression, anxiety, mood swings and am hoping one day for a diagnosis of BPD. I stopped my medication a few weeks so am currently on nothing. I see my CPN every couple of weeks and have just done a building resilience course. Look forward to speaking to you more x

Hello Unicorn , As regards your mental health wellness, you will only get out of it what you put into it. It is unfair to expect your therapist to do his job if you are with holding information. You can learn to be more forth coming. Therapy isn't easy and it makes you feel vulnerable to open up. In the long run it is worth it. Pam

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