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hi so i used to post alot but for some reason i stopped and while i stopped posting i got discharged from the mental health hospital i lasted about 2 months then was put in genral and sectioned again and now im back in a unit which isnt good i dont reaally know what to do my life is just falling apart and i cant cope my self harm is worse and i havent eaten anything since january because im petrifide of putting on weight i am drinking but even thats becoming a struggle i dont know what to do i have nobody to turn to im completely alone i wish i could die because i cant cope i know it sounds stupid but i cant i have tried

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Hang on in there. Don't give up. We're all here to support you xxx

thank you but i think its past that point xx

Please if you are in danger phone a helpline. You can find them by looking at other posts on here. Don't forget samaritans

im not in any danger as im in a unit but thank you

Please eat. You will feel better, believe me I know. Please get help.maybe they can change any medication you are on.hugs

i will try thank you

Please start eating and taking better care of yourself,without food your medication won't work, I have my down days where everything is to much for me and it is only the faith I have in my family that keeps me here. Have you got any family, and if so I hope there helping in which ever way they can.please keep strong my heart goes out to you lots of hugs xx

Keep your head above the water and fight back. It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever have to fight!!

I was so low, I was on the floor. I was making attempts on my life, but couldn’t do it for my family’s sake. I got myself locked into alcohol binge drinking. I suppose I used it as a crutch, some people take drugs, some drink, but most self harm, been there too. This is probably the first time I’ve let it all out, if I can help just one person, I’ve achieved something in the game of life.

Good luck and keep that head high, you will rise again!! XX

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