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Need Someone Who Understands

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Hi I am new here and I was diagnosed with depression last year August and since then I have been battling with it. It affects my education and even personal life. I have hurt a lot of people around me and also myself. I hate seeing me miserable. I have tried attempting suicide 3 times. I would appreciate talking to someone about it and taking this off my chest. I also would appreciate someone that would understand me, most people don’t and I find it hard to confine in someone.

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Hi I'm sorry you are feeling bad I have been dealing with depression and bipolar since I was 15 I'm 56 now..It's not easy I have found things that distract me at times but then the old depression starts rearing its ugly head..I coloring in coloring books,read alot and on the computer listening to music I like anything from Mozart to Rap and most anything in between if you feel like chatting hit me up...Hugs to you!

Thanks a lot for this nice reply. When my depression starts I write. I have so many books where I write. I write because I always want to just release what I feel inside down and I give people to read them. Most people cry and end up pitying me which sometimes makes me feel my life is miserable. I wish I could do more than just write I wish I could also talk to someone. When I am depressed it’s a whole new level of a sad life and it affects my seizure. I always get tensed up and the my heart just keep giving me that sharp pain and all I can do is cry and wonder if death is worth than life. I have had three suicide attempts and one was successful but my friends really came in for me. It was a big day if everyone trying to keep me awake and trying to flush my system if the drug I took

I have tried suicide many times...I lost my mother,brother and uncle to it, the only thing I have finally realized it only hurts the people who love us...I am with a new doctor now as I have been going to mental health clinics and I feel worse coming out of the clinic then when I went in so I have decided to let my family Dr try his hand at regulating my meds...I have a little crisis come up with my blood work so now another problem to add to my already full plate...another hurdle to jump over but hopefully we can fix whats wrong...I try to go by the old moto this to shall pass but sometimes things can be over whelming...try to look for the good in the simple things even if it gets your mind off your troubles for a minute ..trial and error try things that make you happy and pursue them...Big Hugs to you!!!!

Thanks a lot for your really touched me

Thanks for the reply, I am really happy someone saw this and replied it

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I do struggle but feel I am here to help people as I do in my job.i struggled through my A levels, in the UK and my degree. Could I recommend you the website Papyrus Prevention of young suicide.

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