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Hi i was a nurse for over 30 yrs but nothing prepared me for burnout followed by depression and anxiety. I have been looking for support online for about a week, just a place to feel safe and reach out. I have started on meds and have had prior counseling but feel just to go with the meds for now. I am divorced long ago and have 2 adult sons who live in another continent. Any advice how to keep my mind from the anxiety and panic attacks??

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Anxiety and panic attacks are horrible. Try not to fight them as in my experience that only makes them worse. Just try and accept them and carry on in spite of them which I feel is crucial. Perhaps look locally for yoga classes as this will help with your breathing and relaxation as well as getting you out of the house and meeting people socially which is also a great help when you have feelings of anxiety and panic. Give your meds time to work and be easy on yourself. You will get better and stronger. Also be mindful of what you are saying to yourself when you are feeling anxious and panicky because this very often is what keeping the cycle going.


This is a good place with people who care so that's one less thing to worry about. It sounds as if you are doing all the right things ,but it's the day to day living that gets hard to take. Remember that you can't trust the way anxiety makes you feel. If you've had a physical and you're ok then you can ignore those feelings anxiety throws at you. I used to get jelly legs and I found out I can walk anywhere on jelly legs .Being afraid or anxious is uncomfortable , but it won't hurt you to feel that way. Every day do one thing that makes you afraid. If you give in to it you'll never get over it.You will be ok. Pam


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