Hello im kinda new to all this,my name is darren im 32 years of age and im currently suffering with extreme anxiety,depression and stress,ive now been off work for over a year now and my problems lead to loss of employment.I have good days and bad!Things have minorly improved but i do mean very little,Every day is a struggle and im now faced with daunting thought of returning to work part time to start with as my gp has given me limited capabilities. I am however so frightened of the thought of it and its making me very anxious.I have attended interviews but after informing them as to why i have been unemployed for a year or so they then say we will be in touch and then i dont here anything.I remember in one interview a year a while ago when i told them what id been suffering with there was an awkward paused and they looked at me like i was an infectious zombie or something then rushed me to leave.My confidence was shattered and since then this has heightened my anxiety about returning to work,It has got to the stage of not eating or sleeping weight gain weight loss finding easy tasks extremely stressfull and just losing a grip on reality.Can anyone give me advice on this please as im completly lost at the moment thanks.

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  • Hi I emphasise as this can be a problem when trying for work. I can think of 2 ways to approach this. If you left your last job due to illness and the new employer will find out in your references, then play it down, assure them it's a one off and you are fully better now, even if you are not. You can blame your previous job for it ie targets etc. but never your employer.

    If they won't find out then I would be tempted not to tell them. I have done this in the past and just said I have been looking for work but it's been hard to come by. It's easier in my area which has few jobs. Good luck. I am not saying lie but getting a new job can be hard enough so you have to do what you have to do. x

  • Thanks for your response coughalot2 that's already a help I will try this approach from now on its a slow process so one day at a time I guess thanks again il re post on the progress I've made x

  • You are welcome Darren. Come in with anything as we all suffer from depression here and help each other. Look forward to hearing from you soon. x

  • Hello Dazzer, I have been through the anxiety thing so I know what you are talking about and it ain't pretty, but you can over come it. You could see your Gp and see if he can change your work status. Is this possible? If you let him know that the thought of work right now escalates your anxiety to the point that your health is being affected. Therapy and anti- depressants worked for me and I went back to college. I was 36 when this took place and 40 when I was finished with school. I sat through many classes in a state of high anxiety , It is hard but can be done. I think what happened is I stopped monitoring myself and focused on the class. This is just one option. Give yourself the time to start on your well being before you start any long term goals.By the way, I was able to work 25 yrs. before I retired which is enough for anybody. There is life after anxiety.


  • Thank you just peachy,i have been to my gp today and they did say i am in no fit state to even be considering work at the moment and i should just be enjoying my spare time relaxing,easy for them to say but i can assure you i dont any point feel relaxed,to be honest i cant remember the last time i have felt relaxed,I was hoping to gradually get back in the swing of things with work as im also getting pushed by the dwp as their esa health assesment deemed me as having nothing wrong with me and that i am capapble of doing something,baring in mind if no employer in interview is prepared to give me an oppertunity because they find me a risk due to my mental health then i dont see how im meant to do this? none of this helping my situation and its adding more anxiety and stress to the matter,in fact when i got home from gps today i just wanted to hide under my duvet away from the world! im totally lost and have no idea which direction my life is headed if any direction at all.But again thank you for your response i will keep you updated as time goes on wish you all the best darren.

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