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Ringing doctors

Should I ring my own doctor and tell him I am struggling really bad, feel like everything is falling apart. I refuse to go ER because its packed and when I'm there I just want to storm out even when someone comes with. I just seemed to be getting worse keep hearing voices telling me to commit suicide and I've tried writing things down. I feel like I am just annoying doctors but all they keep saying is I'm waiting to see someone. Plus has any anxious meeting new people, if so please could you tell me how you build a trust and how to build myself up to go CCTT when I feel anxious meeting new people and talk to people in a group. Many thanks. Limara

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Sounds like you are having a rough time. Its the doctor's duty to help you in these circs. I dont think you seeing them would annoy them. And, even if it did, thats their problem. I do think it might be a good idea to get some professional help if having suicidal thoughts.

Im not sure about meeting new people. Ive always quite enjoyed that until became ill and depressed last year. I think if its a support group then they will understand and not judge you if seem a bit anxious at first. can get to know people gradually maybe. Like chat a bit at the first meeting and a bit more at the second. Ive made some good friends at support groups but it took meeting them a good few times before became friends.


I've been 3 times in 2 weeks and I would contact my crisis team but they seem to be busy all the time. Just these thoughts all the time just want me to do it, I'm just lost for words anymore can't express.


What Pam says sounds like good advice to me. Might also get some help from the local Mind group. Some local Minds seem rubbish and some very good, so it can be a bit hit and miss.

Im going to one which isnt local as the local one was grim. They didnt even allow members to make their own tea and coffee! No idea why. One Im going to, which is local if you count an hour and a half car journey, has a great anxiety and depression support group.

There use to be hearing voices groups in UK but Im not sure if these still exist. Mind national helpline should be able to say.

look after yourself.



Hello, I am Pam and I've been through this , Hate it . It scared me and I felt alone. You need to speak to someone, I always found office nurses to be very helpful. They are familiar with the resources available to you and they are very knowledgeable . Try to get over the idea that people are too busy for you. You have as much right as anyone else to call a Doctor. I also didn't do well in group therapy so I chose one on one and it worked for me. Remember, call someone like a crisis line if your voices are suggesting you to be self destructive. Pam


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