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New year's resolution you say! What's that?

Ha ha sorry about my choice of words for my topic I know not everyone is gonna read my post or maybe your not gonna like what I have to say but oh well that's you. If your gonna make a new year's resolution stick to it for the entire year not just the month of January. Cause trust me we all say I wanna lose weight this year and we tend to follow through for probably the first 3 months or less then we hit a flat tyre. Let your resolution be meaningful if one has to be made. Stick to it so at the end of the year you can say you accomplished something you wanted. Don't just say you wanna do something an not try to start or finish it. Just keep pushing and things would work out and just remember when you feel like giving up just remember your not a quitter an that only the strongest can endure till the end. Well on the other hand enjoy the rest of the Christmas season and may God continue to bless each an everyone of you.

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The only new year eves resolution I make is not to make one! I hope you achieve yours. x


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