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Its OK Friday

Its OK Friday

This is sort of based on an idea from the anxiety forum - the same one as Themys' Post Christmas Positivity but a little more subdued and sort of a response to a post yesterday that I didn't think was very pleasant.

Whatever you are feeling it's okay - they are just feelings. They aren't you. Let them wash over you.

Pin them to this post if you don't want them and let them flow into the tide of oblivion.

Leave them here if they are good feelings and watch them bloom.

Just don't let it consume you so you take it out on other people or yourself.

It is okay to enjoy doing something but still not feel at the end of it that life has a meaning or is something that you could put your hand on your heart and say - yes! give me more.

It's okay to enjoy being with family and friends

It's okay to find being with family and friends really stressful and want to be on your own

It's okay to fake enjoying the festive season - actually I think it's a lot more than okay - shows that you really care about people around you! :)

It's okay not to fake enjoying the festive season - we are human and sometimes we just have to be true to what we are feeling (or not feeling).

It's okay to feel alone and isolated because those around us don't understand or have gone away.

It's okay to feel frustrated and angry

Hope you all find a precious moment of stillness and manage to hold on to and remember it.

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This is really good


Just showed this to my wife because we had the usual conversation about how she doesnt really understand when I say I want to be alone. She said this is selfish. She said we should consider partners more and their feelings on how to live with people with depression. What do you think.


You can't look after anyone else if you can't look after yourself. You can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself. Love your neighbour as you love yourself is as much about needing to love yourself as it is about loving your neighbour.

On one level I don't think your wife really read it as there is a bit in there about doing things for other people even when you don't feel like it :)

Tell your wife that trying to understand isn't what you want or need because if she understood then that would mean she had been in that deep dark black place and you wouldn't wish that on anyone. Tell her that you are really relieved that she doesn't understand. Tell her that you love her and you really appreciate all the support she gives you and the fact that she is there and that is so much better than trying to understand how you feel ... and tell her that you are sorry if she felt that you were trying to tell her that she needed to just let you wallow in your own misery. That wasn't your intention, and then just leave it all here and let it wash away into oblivion.


I'm fed up of constant expectations being put on me to spend my time with people. It's my holiday and I want to spend it doing things for myself.


Go for it!


Hi Lucy do you mean your family? I think you too need to recharge your

Batteries and spend time on you and your little family. Let stress wash off


Hannah x


Yeh, the usual!


Hi Gambit that is really very apt. The cats would melt the most Stoney heart.

Yes we must live and let live as this is meant to be a space where we can be

Ourselves. I have let all the little things wash over me now and feel good.

It's very very stormy here in Dublin.

Thanks for the lovely post.



Reminded me of a song we used to cover in the band - quite apt lyrics


It's okay, we've all seen better days

It's okay, you don't have to run and hide away

It's okay

It's okay, yeah we love you anyway

For in those reckless moments

When doubt is creeping in your head

Feeling like you've lost your youth

And the dreams you had are cold and dead

I can't reach you anymore

That's gonna take a different man

I can't protect you like before

You've slipped beyond my hands

But it's okay.......

I wish that I could light the path

That leads to a life of no mistakes

Hold you from the damned be done

That living out of safety seems to take

I remember still the child in you

As if only yesterday

It was easy to break through

I only had to kiss the pain

But it's okay.......

This is my chance, this is my life

And my opening hour

This is my choice, this is my voice

There may be no tomorrow

This is my plea, this is my need

This is my time for standing free

This is my step, this is my depth

In a world demanding of me

But its's okay.......


Thanks Will


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