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Hi, just joined today. I was told I had depression and anxiety. I have been having these funny turns recently where I start to feel like I am going to be sick, light-headed, shaking like the floor is vibrating and at the end of it I feel like I have lost/forgotten the last 10-15 minutes. Don’t know if this is anything to do with my anxiety or something completely different?

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Hi BeanieHat,

Welcome to your forum :)

As you will find out, anxiety is a very personal experience depending on your history and chemical make up. The symptoms you describe will be your personal markers. If you can get these under control with psychotherapy and or medication you will be on the road to your recovery.

You fill find lots of hints and tips for managing to live a better life from people all over the world.

Just remember you are not alone.


Welcome old bean, Anxiety is a tricky devil. It can make you doubt yourself, in fact it is a liar. I have had it and recovered from it. I used meds and therapy and faced it down. At first I couldn't do anything because I was so afraid. I believed it could hurt me. With small steps I found out I could walk through that fire and come out the other side stronger. Each day I would do one thing I was afraid of and I would keep at it till I wasn't afraid . Then off to the next fear...eventually you stop being afraid. It takes time and determination . If you have been checked out by your Doctor then believe him , as I said you cannot trust anxiety. Pam

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