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From high to low in a few hours!

So I finished a uni assignment and went to bed feeling good. I had a few good dreams thinking of when I was travelling, then when I woke up and started thinking about uni. and work and the real world, I became very low all of a sudden. Sitting here somewhat paralysed and don’t know what to do because again, I don’t feel like doing anything. The negative mood is so low I felt like giving up on uni and I kept telling myself that i’m a failure and I should give up before I really fail and waste thousands of pounds.

I wish these negative thoughts never surfaced and I could just get on with life like a normal person. Negative thoughts are so unhealthy. Very debilitating and most people around me just don’t get how much if affects me. In fact I don’t think any real world person I know understands what I am going through!😞

Hope you all have a good day! Hopefully no one has last minute shopping to do!

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perhaps this post might help you understand a bit how the negative thoughts are working, and why they turn into vicious circles, and help you find a different way of reacting to them

you might also find these meditations helpful


Hugs! Me too! I have to stop myself from turning the negative thoughts into a vicious cycle too! I just started compassion talk and mindfulness exercise...Be kind to are special and precious and folks here really understand! My friends who never had these debilitating symptoms really cannot understand but I know it's not that they don't care...just dunno how we feel 😇


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