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Hi I joined today and I am so thankful for this forum. We are all in this together and I feel blessed knowing others know my struggles. My hubby had cancer last October, then layoff, and last month got job offer 6.5 hours away. I suddenly had a relapse of my clinical major depression 2.5 months ago. The symotoms were so debilitating that 3 days ago I finally reached out to my family doctor who increased my dosage (15mg Paxil since 2012) to 30mg. I think so Much happened to hubby that my caregiving body finally gave in when he finished chemo and got a job. Raising kids in PA while he is now working and living in Boston is quite scary esp. Since my symptoms make everyday functioning so hard. I pray that increasing the dose would help! Merry Christmas and thank you for being here!

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  • Hi Sophgirl and welcome to the forum. You will soon receive support from other members who understand. I am sorry to hear about the difficult time you have experienced since your husband became ill. It is good that you went to see your family doctor when you felt you needed some help and support. Hopefully, increasing your medication will help you to feel better. Do you have other family support, or support from the Mental Health Team? You have done so well with looking after your husband when he was ill. Please be kind to yourself and take some time to relax even if it is just for a short while in the day. Look after yourself. Are any forum members able to help Sophgirl, please? Thank you and best wishes.

  • Dear Masnurse, thank you for your kind words! We moved from Southern CA in 2014 so both of our family trees love in CA😅. I have a church family here but don't know them very well. Thankful they sort of know how I'm doing. I'm looking for a psychiatrist in PA to follow up on me since I seem to relapse every 5 years😝, and that practice said to see a cognitive therapist on 1/4/18 for 6 wks until I can see my new psychiatrist. I'm on Day 3 after my family doc increased my dosage...still waiting for meds to kick my New Year's Resolution is "Be Patient and Give Thanks" while in a challenging time 😄.

    I walk my puppy daily if it's not snowing/cold and eat healthy, sleep around 10:30pm nightly. We can do it! Let's keep on encouraging one another! Thank you so much for being here, everyone!😂👭👫👭👫

  • Hi sophgirl, I'm also a newbie. I just join a few days ago. Hope everything work out for you and your family. Wish you a happy marry Christmas🎄🎅🔔❄️

  • I love CA! Probably my favourite state that i’ve been to. Heard Oregon and Washington is great too! Have you been there?

    Hope you are enjoying Christmas today. 😊🙏

  • Yes we drover up to Vancouver in 2011! So we lived in southern California and stayed in Oregon and Washington too!

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