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scared about the future

I'm really worried about starting a new therapy program (IOP) tomorrow for my depression, anxiety and ptsd. I just realized the biggest thing I'm worried about is it not working for me. This will be the second time I've done this particular program and I recently got out of a five week residential program.

Each time I do something like this I feel okay for awhile, better. Then my mood quickly drops and I'm back to where I was, if not more hopeless than before. It gets to the point where I'm suicidal. I'm sad all the time and I'm sick of it.

I know I need to do something different, put more into it or something like that. I guess I just feel stuck and I'm scared things aren't going to change for me.

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Hi willow, I think you get out of therapy what you put in. For me it was exhausting and caused a lot of symptoms because we were stirring up the very issues I hadn't dealt with. It was hard but worth it. The therapist I went to was a Behavioral Therapist and she gave me things to do so the therapy didn't end when I left her office. I also saw her twice a week for some time. I don't know what your options are , maybe you could look into it. By the way going to therapy more than once is not unusual . Pam

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Dont be scared things will change.nothing stays the same..if u ever feel that u want to talk to some one...i will listen...


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