Scared of the unknown

So my last working day at the hospital was expected to be next Friday but HR have finally got back to me and said i have 4 days of leave left, which i'm taking. Because the bank holidays of course that means my last day is tomorrow!!

As much as i hated this job and it made me incredibly unhappy, i'm almost scared now the final day has come. It's just, it's what i know now? And my future is still unknown. I'm not at all saying i regret leaving - i don't. Several people in the hospital have congratulated me on leaving while i can and how it is not a nice place to work. I'm just petrified of whats to come.

In all honesty i'm mostly scared for the recruitment process. Last time i applied for work before this placement, i must have applied for over 60 places and didnt get a single interview. I'm hoping things will be different now with a good reference and some experience with a well known and strict employer. Even so i'm scared for the interview stages, i'm scared for being new to something again. It's just all so scary!!

I knew i would have to reapply and the whole reason for quitting first was so that it wasnt so overwhelming but i am just really quite frightened.

Also a bit worried for the all the attention tomorrow as it will be my last day, i hate being the focus of everybody. And i'm dreading actually leaving at the end of the day! Usually i will rush out and give a polite "see you tomorrow everyone" or "have a lovely weekend bye". But this time round i wont be able to rush out and i'll probably have to do some awkward goodbyes. Why can't i just slink away 😂

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  • Hi MaisyMay2, I have some experience with HR and I can tell you that everything that you've done so far has only helped you to become better than you were before.

    Now that you've worked at the hospital job you have acquired many useful skills and methods of dealing with problems that employers really value. You just have to be confident and showcase those skills at the recruitment stage.

    Sometimes this can be hard, especially if you don't want to "sell" yourself or if you feel you are bragging about your skills/experience. I would suggest on actually thinking about it as a story. Create an interesting story of what you have done and learned that you can easily tell and explain.

    Even if you get rejected, see it as a loss on the recruiters part because they are missing out on a valuable candidate.

    So focus on the next job that will be deserving of you.

    If you need any help/advice with recruitment I can suggest more information.

    I look forward to your future success!

  • Ive already tried thinking of some examples/stories where ive used good employment skills at my current place of work. I often imagine i'm in an interview and pretend to talk to them for some reason. I just know how scary it's going to be when someone finally invites me to an interview, i just know i'm going to freak! I think, because this is my first ever job, it's frightened me because its been so horrible. I'm worried all work is going to be like that and i'm never going to be able to find something.

    Thank you i'll make sure to remember you when/if i get to interview stages!

  • Hi this just proves there is no such thing as a perfect solution! I would advise you to claim ESA and get a sick note off your doctor for the time being. As you gave your job up voluntarily you might not be able to get Job Seekers Allowance at first. You can still look for work on ESA but it will give you a breathing space and some income in the meantime.

    I have been in your position a few times and sometimes have done what you have, at others I have stayed until I got a new job. I can't recommend one over the other as they are both traumatic. But that's life I guess,

    I know I hated my last job with a passion and it made my depression worse, but I chose to stay to get financially solvent again. The jury is still out on that decision.

    I do agree with DenisY that as you have got some experience you will find it easier to get employment now so hold your head up high and sell yourself. Importantly don't ever criticise your employers to any other prospective one. If you give a reason for leaving just say you didn't like the job and decided it wasn't for you or that it was a career move..

    Good luck. I have every confidence that you will come in again soon saying you have landed your dream job.

  • I don't quite think i'll be allowed ESA, i'm only 17. And by law i have to be in education until i'm 18 but as ive only got 2 months until i'm 18 i'm kinda winging it to see if theyll notice (i spoke to a careers advisor online and they said in a lowkey way that they probably wont care).

    Yes as much as i'm scared now i still thoroughly believe i made the right choice to leave. I would come home crying every day then i would just lay on the sofa until it was time to go to bed and repeat the day again! Ever since i handed in my notice, yeah i would come home grumpy but i havent been coming home crying which i see as a slight improvement!

    I would never criticise my employer to any future ones, ive read up interview tips on after leaving a job as i have been a bit unsure on how id word it. It doesnt exactly look professional just leaving a job because "i didnt like it" but they wouldnt know the severity.

    Thank you!! I hope i will too

  • Sorry I didn't want to come across as patronising saying that about previous employers. You seem very sensible, aware, and bright and I wish you all the best.

  • Oh no you didnt at all! You were just giving advice, i know many others my age who would happily bad mouth employers at an interview! Thank you again lilaclil

  • :) xxx

  • Hello again ,Maisiemay, just enjoy your Easter and try and relax over the holiday. You are a far better bet for employment with the work experience of your last job, and the work experience you have had will mean your interviews go much more successfully.

    Make sure you spend a bit of time thinking about what sort of job you would really like to do.

    Its a very long time since I was job hunting but the employment situation is supposedly not too bad at the moment. While you're looking maybe some voluntary work that's not too time consuming would help in keeping you positive and would also be a positive with any new employer. Maybe even gaining another qualification through starting evening classes would also be worth considering. They are not all in the winter.

    You can't just slink away , you've got no reason to slink, and life is always full of goodbyes. You'll handle them OK just as you'll handle this one OK. Be honest with your colleagues and tell them you don't have anything lined up yet and intend to take a week or two thinking about what you really want to do in the future. Someone might even know of something suitable.

    The unknown future is always slightly frightening to everyone but as usual in life it usually turns out much better that we can start to imagine it. Best of luck.


  • Problem is i'm techincally on leave so i want to enjoy myself and relax but my family see it as i'm now officially unemployed and need to be out and about town applying for work.

    I live in Kent and employment at the moment is shocking. There are hardly any jobs even going at the moment and as soon as one pops up the website will show over 200 people have applied! It's crazy! But what you say is true, ive already planned to go into volunteer work until i find a paid job, purely so i don't lose what it's like to work, and to just fill in an employment gap! Also i'm thinking of going into retail work for now and so i may volunteer at a charity shop which would give me experience for that.

    Some people know i don't have a job to go to and they all pull this concerned face like "oh" - it's quite embarrassing! I just hate being centre of attention and today is most definitely that!

    Thanks as always Olderal

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