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HELP anxiety/depression

Hi guys

Two years ago I had a mental break down and I went to the doctors who diagnosed me with anxiety and depression. He prescribed me sertraline. This did help me get back on my feet like going back to work after taking some time off. However recently since September I have been under a lot of stress with my relationship, work, friends and just life I guess. About two weeks ago I flipped out and ended up smashing the remote and screaming at my boyfriend which I do regret because it is so out of character for me, but because of his behaviour towards me recently it has pushed me to that point. Anyway my moods have been terrible. Now it feels like the stress has maybe brought on these awful thoughts I am having - the anxiety is at its peak right now. Everything bad that happens I constantly obsess over it and think of the worst possible outcome, and I know that in reality those things probably would not happen but I have to keep going over it in my head and analyse the details and tell try to tell my self right, this is not going to happen because blah blah... I really can't explain it that well but it's doing my head in. I keep looking for reassurance from my friends and they are like 'I am sure you just look for something to worry about, don't be so stupid, there's no helping you.' I'm pretty sure I am doing there heads in with it but it's just so hard I can't snap out of this. All these problems I have been having has now turned me into a right negative energy. I could go counselling but last time it took five months to get onto it and by then I'd sort of got better myself. I don't really want to go on sertraline again but with the way That I am at the moment I am considering it. Thing is I don't think it's going to work as it did last time as maybe my body is used to it, I only come off it in June. I just want these negative thoughts and bad dreams to go away. I feel worthless, useless, a failure and I can't go on like this. I'd appreciate any advice guys.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

X x x

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Oh DEAR! You're having a not nice time aren't you?

Well first thing I would suggest is to try and get back on the medication that helped you. If you didn't experience any bad Immediate side effects it's quite likely to help you again, and after 5 months you're unlikely to get a lesser response from going on it again as you did when you went on it for the first time...


There's no need to worry that your post isn't noticed here. Don't apologise. I'm sure you'll get some more replies!! I think in the first instance you should contact your GP and ask for a referral to your local Community Mental Health team / "area". They're not so scary! They helped me a lot anywho. I would also suggest...

...try and get in to 'Mindfullness' .. It's like Meditation but it's modern current and science based. It's really amazing stuff. Maybe you can find a course nearby. There will be a local service dedicated to running courses and giving you access to professionals that can help in this kind of situate. I would ask your GP for a referral for both mental health service and the local 'psychiatric services but not quite the most difficult case' (excuse the description - this is my experience locally) service. They will help!

Also MIND is amazing helpline courses therapy etc

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Thank you so much for replying, and I will look at the mindfulness thing, I already do meditation but recently it's so hard to focus with these thoughts coming into my head, but

I shall give this a try!


Hi Buttercup94

Great name by the way!

I was on sertraline for several months following the death of my mum and change of job, baby sons illness as all hit a bit much. It helped me keep my job but it does have horrible side effects and I’d try something else in the future.

I did counselling via work referral which despite being really sceptical of seemed to help me cope and I’m now doing online cut which has helped with a couple of wobbles since. I’m not sure what best to recommend but great mates who never judged me and supported me plus my need to be there for my 2 year old son forced me to cope.

I would say if you need the meds to get through the day get on them, I would also go and see your doctor too, mine was so understanding.

Hoping that helps a bit. Take care



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