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Depression and anxiety

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I have been feeling pretty low recently as I have bin having flashback wen I was attacked it doesn’t help I don’t have anyone to talk to

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You can talk to us all on here, there is always someone about that will listen. You might even make a friend or two along the way.

I hope you will be OK.

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Thank u for your reply really appreciate it 👍🏻I will just having a bad day can’t seem to snap myself out of it

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We all have a bad day every so often and hopefully yours will improve as it goes along.

😊 👍

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Ikon what you mean 🙏

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They pop up every so often, we just have to get on with them.

Really appreciate that thank you 🙏

I'm so sorry, I'm always here to talk❤

Thanks hun that’s really nice 🙏

No problem!💕

See your doctor, write a list or explanation on what happened to you, Talking out your fears and concerns will help you move on


I thought about that myself

Aww feel for you as feel quite isolated myself I am new to here but will always reply if needed u got this x

Thank you for your message really appreciate it 🙏

You have us , there will be a member of this group here for you to chat to. I know they were here for me when I needed them , feel free message me to chat anytime . Sorry you feeling that way and I hope it changes for the better soon

Thanks for your message appreciate it 🙏

I am listening you are not alone

Thank you 🙏

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