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Overcoming chronic depression/ anxiety


Hi guys, I have struggled with mental health issues since childhood, I can go through months of struggling or months of success but so far, it ALWAYS comes back. I’m 32 now and was wondering if anyone else has experienced long term recurring depression/anxiety like that and has anyone managed to permanently break that cycle and if so what worked for you? Sometimes it’s like I’m recovering from the trauma of previous struggles and It’s like the fear of it happening again makes it more likely to happen. My biggest struggle is work and this has been the same through numerous different jobs often with really understanding people. I’ll wake up feeling down and panicky, try to get ready and just start crying and shaking.

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I to have suffered with depression and anxiety since childhood, it’s quite common. Usually it because of something in your childhood that has affected you. I think it’s mainly about managing your depression rather than breaking the “cycle”. Have you tried counselling?

Jjlinx in reply to Butticups

I have which helps but what keeps happening is they think I’m like cured or it comes to the end of my set of sessions and I have to wait a certain amount of weeks before I can be referred again for more then it’s only a matter of time until it happens again :( I feel like maybe the counselling hasn’t dug deep enough. There have been times where I’ve been feeling so much better I’ve genuinely believed it’s not going to happen again so it crushes me when it does.

Jjlinx, don’t give up hope. I have had struggles with mental issues before. What helped me is having a good support group who could pray with me and and just check in with me. Having the relationship with Jesus has made a change in my mental health because I look to someone who is more than me. Have a good support group, and find a good mental health counselor that can walk you through your rough patches. Don’t give up!

Like you I suffered same on and off from teenager I became disabled in my late twenties and from then on till now my Disabilities have extended so I am now still taking AD medications and Opiates. I will be on them now for the rest of my Life, although my medications are all been reduced because of age. I am seventy years old

Have you talked to your Doctor, make a list of how you feel that will allow you to explain your Depression and Anxiety

We are also here to help


Jjlinx in reply to borderriever

Thank you, I haven’t seen my dr in a while but making a list is a good idea, it can be so hard to describe what happens when it comes back and I also think I block a lot of it out as soon as I’m feeling better because I can’t cope with the trauma of how it feels.

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