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cant seem to move on


I went through a break up 5 mnths ago, and am not anywhere near over it. I blame myself for everything, and would like to reconcile, however am afraid to reach out. I feel like I have let him and his family down, & also believe he moved on very quickly, which upsets me more. I used to have all these plans & things I wanted to do with my life, but now don't feel like doing much at all..

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Sorry to hear you're still struggling. It's been almost 3 months for me and I'm still finding it really difficult.

If you have a way you should definitely reach out.

With me, I haven't been able to as he blocked my number/unfollowed me on social media.


I would like to reach out, however am scared of the potential 'I have met someone' reply. We were together for 4 years and at this point I don't even know how to start a conversation...


I'm so sorry break ups can be hard but don't give up just yet. An I know the problem with starting over it'd be hard to trust again but we all have to try you know cause there's better for us. You just have to forget about your past which may be very hard I know but do things to keep you occupied. Put your needs before relationships now and talk to people. Have someone you can lean upon for comfort. An don't you dare ever feel like you were the reason it ended. Many people make mistakes but we can only learn from them. Moving on is a hard thing I can say that myself but when you don't have someone there anymore it hurts but you generally find more time for yourself. Stay blessed :)


Breakups can often times be difficult, and take a good while to truly recover from. I can’t know the intricacies of your breakup, but I can tell you that people who break up and remained estranged, generally speaking, were each better off and happier in the long run doing so. Not always, but generally.

But if there was a specific event that led to the breakup, it’s hard to say whether or not he would be open to reconnect.

Considering it’s been 5 months, it seems there is one of two things going on. Either he feels like you and is afraid to reach out, or he has moved on.

It’s my opinion that you should try and focus on yourself first, the most important thing right now being your mental happiness. I think seeing a therapist would be very helpful, she can help you work out your feelings and maybe give some advice based on what you tell her, if you should reconnect or not.

Best of luck to you, I hope you feel better soon. ❤️


I ended up texting, & he texted back, which made me incredibly happy for the first time in what seems like forever.. but ultimately then I become sad when conversation stops, although I told myself I would take it slow regardless.


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