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I have not been on here for a long time I have suffered from depression since my teens. Taking medication mode of that time. A lot has happened during my miserable live. I was bullied. Had a unhappy marriage told I was not good. Put up with it for 30 yrs. 2 children. 1 son does not bother with me. I feel I am not good enough for his posh wife’s family. My daughter is partially sites and learning difficulties. 2 grandsons I don’t see. 1 grandson now20 I brought him up. He has epilepsy and narcolepsy and leaning difficulties. Lovely till 17 then out of control. Still trying with him. He took overdose in July was on life support for 8 days in hospital a month thank god no lasting effect apart from a little memory loss. He his in a new place now and things seem to be moving on ok for him. Today I got up after a nother bad night . Then I started crying and now I cannot stop. No got dressed or washed or eat. I just want to go to sleep. Then the physical pain and mental pain will stop.

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Hello Caroline62

Welcome back to this community, I am so glad that you sent your post to us. Things have obviously been so difficult for you with all you have coped with for many years. This is such a positive thing to get in touch with us.

It does sound as if your love and support have played a huge part in your Grandson's slow but positive move forward in his life.

You must be so tired after your terrible night. It does sound as if you may want to consider going to a doctor or a support worker to get more help and assessment for you.

On the pinned posts, there are details of crisis support lines. You can see this at the bottom of this message. The Samaritans have a free phone 24hrs a day 116 123.

The MIND organisation may also be helpful at mind.org.

This is a supportive community, so keep talking to us and our members may be able to offer more support and information.

Do take care

Sending you the very best wishes


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