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Living life again?

Hi, I had an accident almost 6 yrs ago, I went from being a overly active happy person to a wheelchair bound reclusive overnight! I am in constant pain, feel I don’t know the person if I see myself in a mirror & hate that person. I find asking for help almost impossible as I’ve no input into society. I don’t want to live but my animals force me too. Maybe there’s no way back but I’d like to start over! I just don’t know how?

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Hi Nanuq, and welcome to the forum. You will find a way back from this. The fact that you want to start over again indicates positivity and this is a good start in itself. Animals are wonderful for bringing positivity to our lives and I bet they are wonderful company for you and they enjoy your company, also. Please ask for some help and support as we all deserve to be happy and fulfilled. Have a look on the internet to see what is happening in your area. Also, have you been referred to a pain clinic to help with your pain and discomfort? They have so much to offer and there have been so many recent advances in pain control. You could ask your GP for a referral. Your life has changed, but you are still the same person and you will find a way forward, so be kind to yourself. You may find the pinned posts to the right of the screen helpful. Do stay on the forum and you will receive help and support from other members. Thank you and best wishes.

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Thank you for your reply, I’ve tried forums before but alas no help to me. I’m under pain consultants as well as more medication than I knew one person could safely take! I’m also very recently under a psychiatric nurse (well 4 phone appointments) plus I’ve seen a psychiatrist recently who just upped my medication. Waiting lists are my biggest problem, its taken me giving myself 6 months to start feeling better or I give up. I haven’t before recently asked for help mentally (I hate being difficult and needy) Just can’t believe 5yrs 10 months ago I was teaching people how to climb, now I can barely leave the house. I’d love to help others on this site too but I’m so scared of making things worse for them !

You’ve no idea how much just getting a reply helped me today, thank you 😊


Hi Nanuq, thank you for your reply. You will start to feel better with time. We all need a little bit of help and support from time to time. Could you use your skills in a different way such as writing articles for example? There are a lot of courses around that teach you the skills to write articles. It sounds as though you have many transferable skills. Your posts are a valuable and helpful contribution to the forum. Also, have you explored how some complementary therapy may help you? Best wishes and please stay on the forum for support from other members.

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