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Feeling very abandoned.

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Hello all, im mid 40's Male and ive been under cmht for 5 years with a Cpn/Shrink. My Cpn was surposed to visit me on Monday 13th December but never arrived. Since then i called CMHT who said they would email them to call me back. (The ususal covid response of the last 2 years)I called again on the 20th the said they would email again but no reply, then i called Christmas eve and they said thier not at their desk but would call me. Never happened. By now my episode is getting gnarly, Christmas is a bad time for me, Im not getting out, abusing oral morphine for toothache and binge drinking (my EUPD) I need help and information as she had done all my pip paperwork in May 2021 at the beginning of December they said my assesment is 31st December 2021.

Yesterday i tried again to get in touch with CMHT but no answer. I called a different switchboard to see if they were open and a lady from the county office said she could look up my details. To my horror and shock i was told that i had been discharged on Christmas Eve and my cpn has left and sent me a letter.

So now i lost all my support, not sure who i go to about my medication , im on Pregablin, Diazapan and Zopliclone every day and they only give me a weeks worth because i have a history of overdosing.

So i have now already reached a state of catastrophizing and going into suvival mode as all i can see is impending doom. Every time i was handed over or left a service i was always involved in a meeting explaining my crisis plan and stuff like that but to be binned off without even a phone call has destroyed all trust i had in the service that has really helped me. Im feeling pretty low and not sure how im going to react to my assesment as your always set up to fail. At least i have toothache to feel some pain .

Sorry for my rant, don't really have people to talk to so at least i talked to the internet peoples.

Take Care of yourselves X

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Hello from Australia. There is no need to apologise for telling us your story. We are here to offer an ear.I am sorry that the service designed to support you has left you in the lurch over the 🎄 holidays. Hoping you can find a 24/7 telephone number to call for a chat. If all else fails, I recommend Beyondblue based in Australia which has a website to link into for email support. Wishing you all the best for the new year 2022. 💜 🦘

Speak to your doctor to get some sort of service and mark email as urgent. Explain all your thoughts and get a result

Hello welcome

Have they at any time explained there was a time or appointment limit on your treatment with the CPN.

With regards PIP you mention your assessment will be tomorrow New Years Eve, Do you know or have a copy of any reports from either Doctor or Specialist. If this is not the case have you a friend who can attend with you.

In my case my Wife attended with me at home the appointment was quite alarming, I am registered disabled and have a Chronic Short Term Memory Disorder.

I would suggest you contact your GP Surgery and ask if they have sent anything of to your Mental Health Advisor.

Has anyone explained what you need to do, your Doctor will need a report regards medication and Mental Health.

Generally treatment consists of twelve appointments where afterward a decision is made and a future Mental Health plan will be made


Thanks to eveybody for all the advice and reply's. I have had way more than 12 appoinments. I have had weekly visits for 5yrs, then every 2-3 weeks. In the lockdown its was mostly phonecall's and had a couple of F2F. I had my last medication review about 6 weeks ago and my last Shrink app. was a locum a few months ago on a phonecall.

Im dreading the Pip phonecall assessment tomorrow. I really struggle with phonecalls as i get rather stressed when im forced to say how things affect me and my odd behaviour.

I have spent years trying to hide my problems and opening up to somebody over the phone without back up is terrifiying. My cpn filled out the forms so i dont even have the copies of them . I plan on contacting money matters as the helped me with some paperwork before.

Not at any point was i ever asked to even discuss my discharge, which i would of thought i'd get at least a heads up. I have not even got the letter yet and if i had not called the county office i would still be in the dark .

My heads spinning and im over thinking every angle.

Arrghhh !

Don't be sorry to rant. It is sometimes good to share. Keep going MrMash x

Sounds like they just dont know u at all

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