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Hi all, I should be really asleep by now, but althought not hypomaniac..still get too excited after some great news..

I have been diagnosed with BP in 2013. I am 35 and I am working as a health professional.

Like many of you I have lost touch with the reality and have been sectioned.. given dg. Acute serve depressive psychosis.. followed by BP.

I just wanted to Introduce myself and now to get at least few hours of sleep..

Believe me all there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

Love @ ☮️ @ Unity

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Hello Janule_236

Welcome to this community. Thank you for your positive post.

This is supportive community, so if you would like to tell us more about your situation, our members may be able to offer support and information.

I hope you got a little sleep in the end.

Take care and keep in touch

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