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Hi everyone I’m new to here.

I need some advice my mum has got sever manic disorder (bipolar) she is having a very hard time just Now and Ian taking everything out on me and my two younger sisters. Last night she raised her hands to my sister who is 16 yrs old. I don’t know what to do as she doesn’t want help she says she is fine and she does not see anything wrong with her actions.

I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 17 and have been on anti depressants since then(I am now 24). I am really struggling with everything and looking after everyone aswel as trying to hold down two jobs.

I don’t know what to do for the best I have tried suggesting conciling to my mum but she is not interesting in getting help. I have contacted her mental health team and they cannot do anything because she refused to attend appointments!

Please can anyone give me some advice?

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Hello Nads110,

I am sorry to hear your mum's mental health is not good at the moment. You have done the right thing by contacting her mental health team although they could not help.

It sounds like you are doing all you can working two jobs, looking after everyone and looking out for your sisters as well as your mum. That is a huge responsibility for you at 24 years of age especially as you suffercfrom depression too.

The only thing I can think to suggest Nads110 is a visit to your GP. Explain what is happening, your mum's mental health team will not help, you are struggling to cope with doing everything and care for everyone. See if your GP can recommend anything to help you or your mum, perhaps apply pressure to the mental health team to help.

I cannot think of what else to suggest. Perhaps others will have helpful suggestions too. I wish you well and hope you secure the help that you need and deserve.

We are always here to support you, take care,

Lottie x

That response from the mental health team is a load of rubbish. Of course she's likely to not attend appointments, she has bi-polar and isn't very well at the moment, so they need to go and visit her! If I was in your position I'd contact the mental health team again but ask to speak to a manager or a senior member of staff this time. Make a point of asking them their name and writing it down. Then go on to explain that your mum has bi-polar, isn't very well at the moment and has physically assaulted (or physically threatened) your 16 year old sister. It's ok to exaggerate a bit in order to get them to take notice and do something to help your mother, so I'd be saying things like how you think she's a risk to herself and/or to other people. This should prompt them to start thinking about a Mental Health Act assessment. Other people you could contact, if your mother has a psychiatrist ring his or her secretary and say the same things or you could ring adult social services and ask to speak to the duty worker and say the same things. If you keep saying how your 16 year old is at risk of being assaulted by your mother, somebody should take notice and do something. If your sister is at school or college she should tell somebody there as well. The more people that this gets reported to, the better the chances of your mum receiving some help. At times when your mum' presentation is deteriorating and she's being threatening, you can also ring 999 and ask the police to help because she's threatening you or your sister and you don't feel safe. Good luck and I hope that your mum is soon getting some help and support and that you all stay safe.

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Great advice tofler,

Lottie x

If you don't mind please visit a clinic that provides cognitive behavior therapy in Toronto ( ). My sister was not showing interest to come to the clinic or to meet the mental health team. At that time my friend suggested cognitive behavior therapy which changed her mental status. I think it will help your mother!

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