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Pregabalin withdrawal


Hi everyone, I need some help and advice. My wife came off pregabalin 8 days ago which is 2 days after she said she wants a trial separation! She started taking pregabalin 5-6 months ago for back pain and she was on 300mg per day and it’s totally changed her personality she’s gone from being a great mum and wife to doing absolutely nothing and not interested in anything, she’s awake a lot of the night and sleeps all day and when you have 3 children this isn’t great. She spends all of her time on her phone or playing games on her pc with total disregard as to what is happening around her.I finally talked her around to coming off the tablets last week and her behaviour and mood has become irrational to say the least, one day we’re getting on fine and then others are terrible she even forgot my 40th birthday yesterday and hardly showed any remorse which is sad as usually she makes a real effort. My mental health is struggling bad as I know this is not her but you can’t tell someone with that state of mind that they’re wrong and she honestly doesn’t see what she’s doing isn’t right, my children can see what’s happening which isn’t the best they’ve noticed she’s not doing much around the house. Does anyone have any experience as to when her brain normality will return to normal?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Cow0880

I would suggest you encourage & support your wife to see her GP without delay, to discuss her psychological symptoms.

It is never a good idea to come off this type of medication without prior medical consultation and advice that is person-specific.

I wish you both all the best! x Misty

Hi misty thanks for your reply, she was on 300mg a day then the doctor reduced it to 150 however she decided that she’d had enough and stopped last Sunday. She’s over most of the physical side effects but the mental side could take a while by the sounds of it and my marriage is on the line 😢 I just wish she would get back to normal for our little family

Hi again

From all you describe, it certainly seems your wife is not her usual self ...... do encourage her to go back to her Dr. If not for her sake, then the children’s.

If you are concerned, about her withdrawal from family life etc., and I can understand you might be, you can let her Dr know, although a GP cannot discuss a patient without their consent, the GP can listen to what you have to say.

Personally I believe these situations are best tackled asap so as to prevent them escalating!

All the best. Misty

Sorry you and your family have entered this period your Wife has entered.

There are several problems that can show up at the mentioned time period. First she may be coming of the medications to quick, the problem being how long She had been taking the drug.

Another concern is She is needing time to consider Her expectations she has regards Marriage and Family matters. Sometimes these changes have been thought over for some time and now coming of the medications she is now considering a new way of living her life, She may also feel resentful of the past choices She made and is trying to throw the past away and start again anew.

The other problem may be related to her age and She wishes to possibly move on.

Sometime a temporary separation is that time people take to work out their new revised needs and expectations, it may happen given time She will return home and try and instigate changes, has She considered in someway, someone new ??

Has Your Wife had therapy recently ?

I went through a period when I had finished a course of Therapy, I made really deep changes, regards family and relatives, it seemed to shock them not surprisingly. In other words we moved out and purchased a new property, we kept our tel number secret also our new address They eventually traced us and since then it is causing real problems

I do not really know what to suggest, ask your Wife to attend Surgery together to discuss these worries. Try also Marriage Guidance and have a joint meeting with one of there Therapists. If that does not suite, you faith may be Catholic, the church also may have access to there own Marriage Guidance It is hard to suggest the best time too visit above it all depends on your Wife and her expectations, in fact sometimes children may be allowed in Sessions, however rare.


There is a fb page called lycria survivors with lots of advice and people coming off their pregablin with lots of natural supplements but please go to the gp with her stopping pregablin can cause extreme anxiety

cow0880 in reply to Lina-61

Thank you do you have the link? I can’t find it

Lycria Survivors (Pregablin Support)

Can't seem to post link or post a screen shot

I’ve found it thank you 😊

Lina-61 in reply to cow0880

Great just seen your post on it lots of fab advice

Good Luck

Thanks, I’m just glad I’m not going mad and I thank you for telling me about it

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