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I've just joined this community and already feel a sense of helpfulness from reading your posts to know there are many of us who are experiencing similar emotions.

I've been all over the place with doctors and family as they tell me that there's nothing wrong and to just cheer up, get on with it. The drs solution is to keep popping the fluxotine and that'll fix me but I feel that I cannot be fixed. I can't cope with stress and feel that I am breaking away from all aspects of life. Sound a bit dramatic but that's what I can feel.

I'm trying my hardest to succeed and to become a better person, to enjoy life but I appear to be failing at any task in hand. I don't want to become a lifeless person and have tried different methods to enjoy things but nothing appears to work.

I'm not crazy, just wanted to let go and express what I'm holding inside.

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Hello Lauran93 ,

This is a great place to let go and express yourself.

Nice to meet you xx


Antidepressants might make you feel better from a chemical point of view, but they don't fix the reasons you were depressed in the first place. Have you asked your doctor to refer you to counselling or CBT?

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Hi Lauran

Yes, it's good to be able to say what's on your mind. You are definitely not alone. Have you tried exploring other treatment options - may be CBT, mindfulness, diet, yoga/ any gentle exercise. Have you got a sympathetic GP? If not may be try a different one? Can you talk to a health professional about trying something different? Look after yourself. Wishing you well.


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Keep asking your doctor for more help. Make sure you tell them that you want alternative treatments so that you can stop taking for tablets.

In my area my NHS authority offers access to CBT programs, Stress Control classes and other services as well. You have to wait many weeks for some of the services, but at least it helps you learn how to change what you are doing and learn new techniques to help you with your anxiety and stress and depression.

Even going online and searching what support is available in your area is always worth while. I only found out about one charity in my area this year and I've been looking for help for the past 3 years. :-D That charity has been in my area for several years.

I also found courses on anxiety and stress on futurelearn, but they were good for me because I wanted more detail as to what was happening and why you feel like you do. :-D

Keep trying and keep looking for what will help you to get better.

If you forget what you want to ask your doctor then make a list of questions before you go and always keep asking what else is available other than the medication. If your doctor doesn't know then ask to be referred to someone that does.

Take care.


Thank you everyone for your kind words of advice. It is really helpful to hear different kinds of methods.

I made my doctor aware that I stopped taking fluxotine as it was making me more stressed and low due to being unable to remember to take the tablets and felt like I kept running around in circles. I mentioned about the local NHS mental health services and basically she said I would have to refer myself in. I have filled out the applications a few times but whenever they phone me to make a further appointment I am unable to talk about it as I still live with my parents and didn't want them to find out. Then from there, I forget to recall them when I'm on my own or don't bother as I feel that I am okay which I know honestly I'm not.

I took up the gym to take my mind off things but that doesn't really help. I have thought about yoga too but due to being financial unstable, I'm finding it hard to preoccupy myself. I also have endometriosis which don't think helps.

Thank you for your replies, I'm grateful for your advice x


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