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It has begun

I am finally starting to see me in the mirror again, and not my dad. I have just done a round of emotional freedom tapping, which I have slacked off on, because I was feeling much better after I did it, I thought it was okay again, but oh the slippery slope, down the rabbit hole. Point is, before EFT, didn't even want to post, now I think it is a good idea to share. Don't know how it works, don't care, just as long as it does. I am worth everything that can be done to heal this depression, something I couldn't say just 20 minutes ago. All the best to everyone, I am off to start my day and get some things done, and not go back to bed as I have been lately.

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Wow, that's great news. It's amazing how some things can make such a difference. I think EFT works on body pressure points like acupuncture etc? I've heard of it and did look into it years ago. I probably gave it a wee shot but it wasn't for me.

I'm a believer at checking out all possible therapy, medication and treatment for mental illness. Some us science based, some not so much. I recently went to a crystal workshop as a skeptic but really felt a powerful healing energy. So I do use them when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I take my meds and been using omega 3, light therapy and gentle exercise and it's beginning to have an effect. I think people should be open minded and try what could help as long as not a con/ potentially harmful/ expensive. But £2 for rose quartz I can do.

Sometimes it's just the right combination at the right time.

But great post and I hope others look into it as a support for recovery.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I thought Eft would not do anything, but, for

some reason it does. Look up Dr Kim Deramo on youtube, she has other

things you can do besides eft. Glad to hear alternative therapies are working for you. I also did New Decision therapy years ago. It worked and I had a couple of good years, but then it came back, and NDT didn't help I have tried nutritional approach as well, took everything they said and did it faithfully for six months, no difference. I have all the blood work done, B12 levels etc., and everything is normal.. I do believe that exercise, doing something is quite beneficial, but with my situation, just getting out of bed is a chore most times. I have pushed myself, and through willpower have achieved many things, but then I get exhausted and the depression comes in hard and heavy. Well I am going on, but just wanted to thank you for reading and responding. I am also looking into wild mushrooms and wild lettuce. Take care and be the best you can be

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Will definitely look into these things. It sounds like your are making slow but steady progress which is good.


Hello wiz145

I am glad you are feeling more positive.

I will look up emotional freedom tapping it sounds interesting

Thank you and best wishes.

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Good on you! You are definitely worth getting better for. Keep up the amazing work and soon you will only see you in the mirror and won't that be perfect 👍

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Hi wiz145 ☺ expressing yourself definitely helps - no matter how you do it.It's keeping things inside that does the damage. Sounds like you are on the right track 👍 Doing more in your day helps too .I find I always feel better for doing something if you can only drag yourself off the sofa 😆 Think about the things you used to enjoy & try & do it again or try something new .Find the things in life you are grateful for .All these things lift my mood & I am a much happier person lately .Tc x


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