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Change of awareness

Change of awareness is key. Have you ever wondered how some people who are always happy, keep that positive attitude. How come they seem to be always having a great day. I asked a lady who is like this, always smiling, saying positive things, which just blew me away considering the way I felt most times. Her answer, and I guess the mantra she lives by " there is always somebody else who is worse off than me and I am grateful for being relatively healthy and alive". What I am getting at is that if you change what you are aware of, then you change. For example, if you buy a new car, all of a sudden, you notice that there are so many new cars, the same as yours on the road. They have always been there, you just changed your awareness. The sun is shining in the distance, but just overhead, there is an ominous cloud, dark, threatening, possible rain cloud. What are you aware of, the sun shining in the distance, or the cloud. Be aware of the sun only and the cloud disappears. I know I am sort of going on, but I hope you get my point. You are in the stands watching a ballgame, and suddenly, the batter hits a home run, you jump up and cheer. For that moment, the pain in your back from sitting so long has disappeared, and all you have done is change your awareness. You are in control, you bring into your life exactly what you want and it all starts with changing your awareness.

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We all feel the same way, it is a good idea when depressed to consider something else that gives you a positive outlook and diverts your negativity.

It works most of the time for me


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