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New to the forum....just saying hello


I have to give the NHS credit for having this link on their website.

Having suffered on/off with anxiety and depression for last 10+ years, it's become almost my label when I meet new people or start a new role in my company. On the positive side I'm changing the view of mental health, and ensuring it's treated the same as any illness. Having had lots of counselling /mindfulness techniques to get me through those 'I can't even get out of bed today' moments, I can honestly say they helped!

It would be good to read the forum threads and gain further insight/tips, as well as give my tuppence/advice if that's ok?


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Hey and welcome! I'm kind of new and kind of not. I used to post religiously on the Action on Depression forum, and the support I received there was incredible. I stopped for a couple of years and now I'm back here - having learned that the forum was replaced with this one. I also feel strongly about changing views. In my place of work there's such a stigma around people having time off for mental health reasons - it's not fair! I'm as entitled to support as Johnny round the corner with his bad back - and so is everyone else! Look forward to chatting to you more x


Hi Lucy nice to see you back here. I must admit I rarely answer now as I found that the number of transient people was too overwhelming for me.

I did Post with a Family issue a few weeks ago and I got great support, so I will try and get back.

I had surgery on my foot 2 months ago and was totally laid up for 6 weeks and even now I'm still using one crutch. So staying in my apartment for 6 weeks really played hell with my mood. Lol.

Hope your kids are well Lucy.



Hi Sunshine

I'm quite new here myself and am just getting the feel of the place. It seems like a really good place with lots of nice supportive people so welcome 😀

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Hi Sunshine,

Welcome! I'm a bit off and on here - depending on whether I feel OK or not. Ive got many good tips from here (and I hope I given some too!).

I find this forum is excellent - you will always find someone who is going through what you are - or worse.



Wow just some great responses - shows how well the site works from newbies to oldies. Relationships here are so helpful and supportive. I hope you find it useful.

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Hi Sunshine10122, welcome to the forum. It is great to hear that various techniques and therapy has helped you. Please do read the forum threads and post on the forum. Best wishes.

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