I really don't know how to feel?

Iam struggling to be honest as soon be ex husband is now dating someone else. We have only been separated in February which he asked for a divorce 2 days before my birthday. I still have depression and trying to deal with that. Going back to my ex husband well soon to be is being so horrible and had horrible messages and in the past he has hit me and yes people would say why did you stay and it's simple always thought him saying sorry would be the end. He told me he has told his new girlfriend about the past and he says she is fine what he done to me but some how I don't believe it. My family members don't know what he has done to me as I feel silly. He doesn't really see the children as he would rather see her and her children than ours which hurts. I know it's silly but I feel hurt that he is with someone else but I know deep down I would never take him back as he cheated on me and physically,mentally and emotionally abuse me but how do I get over this feeling?


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  • Let'e talk about the other woman. She doesn't pay attention does she? She knows he is a cheater.a wife beater,a liar. and ignores his kids. She probably thinks he will be different with her because she is special, but he won't be. He will end up treating her much the same as he treats you because that is how he relates to women. Her pain is just beginning yours will finally be over.

    You are a young woman, you can make a life for yourself and your children. It won't be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is. Tell your family, it's information that night be needed someday. They need to know what kind of person he is.

    I understand the hurt, He has taken away a great deal from you. You'll trust again someday, but never him.

  • Thank you for your reply. It's so hard when you still love that person but you know deep down you could never go back. To be honest I don't even think he has even told her about the past and what He is really like but maybe he has and she really is fine with it. After the way he has treated me well still is by being horrible ect I do hope karma bites him in the arse.

  • Happyheart You are hurting from all the trauma he has given you. Now you are free of it. You are in a grieving process as he was part of your life for a long time. That is why you feel rank. You will see in time that You are by far better off away from him. He will slip up mark my words. They always do. Keep faith and concentrate on building yourself up for you and your children. They need a strong mum.

  • Thank you very much I do hope things will turn out well for me and children.

  • Hope is good so keep hold of it.

  • Well said!!!

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