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ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) Anyone?

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16 years of Depression & Anxiety, Panic Attacks & even more ..

Counselling, Medications, & Therapies aren't enough to make a cure

I'm Diagnosed with Treatment-Resistant Depression there's no more they can do

Unless I let them Zap my brain? The side effects are the same as I suffer too

Decisions Decisions ...

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Difficult one as quite a thought. However ECT can work. It's not a guarantee and you need a minimum number of sessions but I've seen patients improved by it.

Last time I was in hospital for depression they mentioned it so I think it's a possibility in my future. TBH if it helped kick depression for a significant time I'd do it. I know there are issues with short term memory loss but it's maybe just a day you lose. However u have to weigh it up as it's seems like an incomplete science and in the future I'm sure they will know the exact areas of the brain that need a reboot.

Talk it over with friends and family. Read up on it.

Recently I saw on this site a post about you tube clip. Look up Steven Ilandi - he gives some really good advice in natural anti depressants. It's stuff you know but he explains why it works and why if you're depressed you can't make these lifestyle choices.

I'm a firm believer in meds alone not good enough for recovery. So looking at diet etc is helpful. Also, alternative medicine may be an idea. I'm not talking quacks here but acupuncture- Chinese herbal remedies etc basically if you find anything that helps use it. Against my better judgement I went to a crystal healing workshop. I definitely felt better but it was temporary.

Do some research online and see if anything appeals to you. You're not losing anything but having an open mind.

The decision for ECT is yours I'm afraid but I think when all else fails it may be worth it.

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planetjanet in reply to DMM218

Thank you DMM218

I have tried acupuncture it did help but like you said it's only temporary, Diet has to be the key for me as it helps ease some of my other symptoms. I have been doing a lot of research and have seen a lot of negativity, the one that stuck out for me was a woman who is now suing from the procedure done in the 80's when she was a teenager. I am sure they must have come a long way since then, anyway I have an open mind. Thank you for your advise it's appreciated and for the video link I will take a look at it. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I have been struggling. Thank you for the offer of chatting I will keep it in mind, take care x

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DMM218Ambassador in reply to planetjanet

Good to hear from you - I'm glad you've replied. Some days you get stuck. It's ok just do as much as you can.

I've started with an omega 3 supplement so I'll let you know how that goes.

The ECT can always wait or never happen - it's your body and your decision. Don't do anything you feel unsure about.

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I wont & thank's again x

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If you just want to chat - you can message me. I've been talking to some people and it's useful getting others views etc It's not all about depression so nice to talk.

There is now an newish alternative to ECT - Transcranial Magnetic

Stimulation (TMS).

TMS is a mild form of brain stimulation.

Magnetic fields, generated by a simple

coil placed on the head, are used to

stimulate a small area of the brain. The

stimulation takes 20-30 minutes, given over consecutive weekdays

on an outpatient basis. While receiving

stimulation, the patient is fully awake.

TMS is usually well tolerated with minimal

side effects. There is no anaesthetic and

memory is not affected.

Before you decide, weigh up the pros and cons of each with a psychiatrist who is familiar with both treatments.

Thank you blackcat64013

I saw this while researching and it seems a good alternative, before this I had gotten myself into such a state and decided to not even think about it until I had my appointment with my psychiatrist.

Thanks again for your help x

Hello. Just some info for you. I am on the same track, over 30 years. I have had 12 ECT treatments. They did not relieve the depression. They did take memories of that year away. My IQ dropped by 12 points. I am not as sharp, and quick witted as I used to be. What is working for me right now is meditation, and EFT (emotional freedom tapping). Accepting the fact that I have depression and I am the only one that can do anything about it. The other thing I am doing it I have found wild lettuce on my property and I am going to try that. You can find all this on you tube. Hope it helps.

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planetjanet in reply to wiz145

Thank you wiz145

I have been having memory loss both short and long term anyway, I suffer with bad headaches and migraines and I know I am not as sharp as I once was. For me the side effects suggested from ECT where the same as I have been getting from taking long term medications. I just wondered if this could become worse.. My GP Locum had really freaked me out, he saw how I struggled with my emotions and how I was trying to get back into work. He said "You cant work! you would look like a red fruit overheating and weeping just melting while sitting there" then made reference to the "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" saying it's not like that anymore .. Anxiety that day and for a few days after was an understatement. EFT sounds like it could help I will look into it and I wish you all the best x

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DMM218Ambassador in reply to planetjanet

Maybe if there were no doctors anxiety levels would decrease worldwide. God love them but bedside manner not good most days. At least he was a locum and not your main doctor.

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planetjanet in reply to DMM218

I agree !! The problem is our two main doctors work only part time the rest are locum's, it is very difficult to get an appointment with a particular doctor in our surgery. I often wonder if our part time doctors are working as locums elsewhere .. The mind boggles Literally :o

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DMM218Ambassador in reply to planetjanet

Yes it's entirely possible! I actually had a doctor say sorry if she had sounded patronising to me at my last appointment - I've never had that before! So maybe there's still some good ones. I nearly fell off my chair.

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planetjanet in reply to DMM218

Haha I moved from my previous doctors as my doctor took early retirement as his wife became very ill. I did see his partner who had also decided to retire and admitted he was gonna work part time as a locum ... He finished by telling me I was somebody else's problem now .. Disregardful :o

Disgraceful (Predicted Text)

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DMM218Ambassador in reply to planetjanet

Lucrative work - its crazy cause they should've earned enough already! Doctors have only met a few who weren't either stressed themselves or arrogant as hell. But an understanding doctor makes a huge difference. As for psychiatrists don't get me started!

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planetjanet in reply to DMM218

haha I wont, maybe another day when you need to vent :)

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DMM218Ambassador in reply to planetjanet

Yes. That should be my anger releasing stories for therapy purposes.

I did ECT. It can be beneficial. I however only had 5 treatments. I did outpatient because I didn't want to stay in the hospital. My decision to do ECT was out of desperation. I was at rock bottom with depression and was eager but scared to try it. They make the treatment so convenient and you're done. It doesnt take long, the next thing you know you're awake and hungry. You may have a little bit of short term memory loss. You should not live alone during treatments, although the Dr made an exception for me. My neighbor checked in on me and stayed here at my house while her kids were in school. You may have a slight headache. But I remember feeling good overall. Hope this helps a little.

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Thanks Isabelle2016

You have helped put my mind at rest, you said you were at rock bottom how do you feel now ? if you dont mind me asking and how long ago was your treatment ?

in reply to planetjanet

Hi! Ummm my treatment was about 3 yrs ago. I did 5 treatments and I think it helped. I even lost weight. Although I was very confused a lot of the time. I did not keep up with treatments so I don't feel so good anymore. I hope that helps. Feel free to ask me anything! Take care

Have you had a good therapist, please don't give up.

I think there is evidence to say, give yourself a seizure can do more long term damage than good. Long term effects memory and cognitive health. Personally I would let anyone perform this.

Are with any support groups? X

Hi Honey Did you mean you wouldn't let anyone perform this or you would ? I am due to see the Mental Health Psychiatrist in January xx

ECT genuinely scares the life out of me but then again I’ve seen the worst aspect of it from the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Please try everything else available to you before signing up for ECT. It can have an impact on short term memory and cause problems later on down the line in life. It’s only used in the most desperate of major depression cases (thankfully).

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