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I'm struggling everyday

Hi, I'm finding everyday a struggle. I've 2 small children and an older one. I'm constantly tired, I make a list of things to do but never complete it as I need to lay down as exhausted. I don't want to socialise with people as I feel like I've nothing to say that's important, I let people down as I get all panicky when it's time to go out. I have no one I can talk to who understands, if I suggest anything to do with feeling low, I get responses like oh cheer up, I've felt like that it will be ok tomorrow. I feel people are fed up looking at my miserable face. My youngest two go to their dads every weekend but I then feel bad as it's time when other families do things and are enjoying themselves and I'm not, yet when my little ones are here I struggle to cope. I hate being on my own but I'm fat and no confidence. I actually don't want to be in anyone's company because I'm so miserable. I'm on so many anti depressants and anxiety tablets. I've tried cbt but it only helped for the 6 weeks I was doing it. I'm under a psychiatrist who literally only reviews me and my tablets and tells me to go back in 6 months.

I just don't feel happy and feel so jealous of people that are happy and sociable and enjoying life. Ive not long taken up a voluntary job in a charity shop 3 days a week which I do enjoy but I've also got a problem of hoarding. It's just one thing after another. Will I ever get out of this situation? It's a beautiful day and I'm laying on my bed exhausted, and I've already had a sleep today. Am I the only one feeling like this? Who can I talk to? Who will not judge me but be my friend? How can I cope with life? Why am I so tired ?

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Yes its all a viscious circle.

Certainly this is depression and you are stuck in a very difficult situation, but must make some progress. Writimg down 3 positives in the day. Not dwelling on the negatives . I'm sure you've heard it all before, but without work and commitment form you, it will stay the same


I feel like every time I take a step forward I end up 3 steps back. I try so hard, my patience is very thin, I can't seem to get out of this horrendous mindset. The voice in my head is constantly saying negative things. I've no energy.

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Do you feel the separation from your Partner has depressed your mood, if you also have two young children that would tire any one out.

Sometimes when we are alone we can feel isolated and this sounds like what the situation is here.

Depression can cause people to feel tired especially if you are taking AD medications. Generally you need time away from family so when the children are with your Partner it may be a good idea to get yourself out and about.

Generally you have not said the reason why you are separated and what led up to that situation, if problems are still ongoing that will make you feel low

If you need to talk you can explain here there are people here that can listen and help



Hi Bob thank you for replying, I split with my ex about 3 1/2 years ago and that was due to his alcohol addiction but that's in the past and he has now been dry/sober since we split which is great for him. We still get on wel and keep any differences we have between us and not in front of the children. I've no regrets that we are not together I just wish I had a family unit and my children grew up with their mum and dad together. I feel like I've been given the rough end of life when I shouldn't feel like that, I've 3 healthy kids, a nice home, a car etc but I'm still a miserable cow who is constantly having deep dark thoughts.

I want to get out this situation but don't know where to start as I feel I've tried before but I'm back to square one.


If the relationship is dead you need to move on, I remember two relationships I had that lasted upwards of three and four years. My first it took me two years to get over and I still wonder how She is now getting on, that was nearly fifty years ago and the other was a relationship that was fed with lies.

You need to either trust your children s Father or move on letting your children visit for as long as relationship lasts. Your past has gone and you need toa new start, with finance from childrens Father, when you meet someone and you will, remember life is full of beginnings and ends. We never look back. Futures can be exiting.



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