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Fall back in to old ways

I have recently started to feel really low, cry a lot mess up a lot and just really start that falling in to the darkness again, I had postnatal depression with my first 2 children and on my third I was determined not to be again, an i did fine I had really go days an some bad days, up till last month just out the blue like falling of the diving bord belly flopping on to the water. Just starting to feel alone locked out of my own mind, like some one els want to drive but there not interested in how they do. I have no real idea why I seem to have falling out this boat I guess, I can't seem to talk to any one about it , I would rather not its like I'm losing more strain on them or there like [here we go again, just grab some pills for your doc and your be fine] . I seem to be getting a lot on panic Attacks out the blue and even writing all this don't I feel better or like any one will understand , it's hard to talk to your friends family husband even they just seem to shake it off like she will be fine, I remember my mother words to my husband when I first had postnatal depression, she always like this it's normal for her. my husband didn't agree but his answers was some pill will sort it out, my friends seem to avoid me talking about how I am and over talk with there lives and then when I get to say how I am there busy or got to go or there mods have switched off on to nod and ya, no , I get you , your be fine . So I guess I'm locked in a box well that how is feels all over again alone in a dark room hold all feeling and emotions, acting ok mum wife daughter sister.

A bit of a all over the place post but at lest I can tell myself I told at lest some one

Sorry about the spelling and the randomness of how it all seems but that's my life right now 😕

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Your Husband should be showing concern regarding your Post Natal Depression. I takes more than one to produce a child and He should be there to pick up the slack and encourage and comfort you regarding the child you both produced.

Try and arrange some CBT through your GP and see if that will help. Your Man needs to stop sucking His thumb and give you some encouragement and understanding


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Wouldn't this be caused by hormones and having them tested should give you some answers. This may seem obvious to you but I haven't had the experience. I do hear some self blame and it's really not your fault. Also , you have 3 children now and I imagine you could use some practical help. Extra rest and some bonding time with your little one.. A dream I suppose.. Maybe the panic attacks are from holding all those feelings in. There is no reason to spare your husband Allow him to man up and share this with you. You will feel better about yourself and him if you do. How long did this last before? The first time must have scared the wits out of you. I think BOB gave you some excellent advice . Take care, Pam

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