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Testosterone in women

I have just been looking for reasons which might be causing my daughter's extreme fatigue and came across an article regarding testosterone in women. As she has been on the contraceptive pill for a long time and usually takes it continuously without a break for at least three months at a time I am wondering if a lack of testosterone could be playing a part in her fatigue. Has any ladies been tested for this? I doubt whether the doctor will test as they seem to have a problem with referring her for blood tests. So if anyone knows if this can be done with a home test kit I would be grateful for more information.


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Hi. Yes i agree that fatigue is a well known symptom of depression. I came across this article that was suggesting that the contraceptive pill causes low testosterone and that if you are low in testosterone it can cause fatigue and numerous other symptoms. I think it is worth investigating any possible cause of severe fatigue to make sure that there is not something physical underlying which may not be the full reason as to why there is such fatigue but may well be adding to the problem. It is very much a case of trial and error where treatment is concerned and if you are lucky, you get relief. Unfortunately not everyone is lucky.


Why don't you get her bloods for thyroid test underactive thyroid leaves you very tired.

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Hi. She has had thyroid tested which came back with TSH 1.16 and T4 11. The T4 was at the low end of normal but nothing would be done as it is in range. It is very difficult to get blood tests done as she is depressed and not taking medication for it, so she is labelled as difficult and all her symptoms must be depression. I have to pay for private blood tests which is very expensive but I don't know what else to do.


Hi cat lover sounds like a difficult situation.why is she not taking her meds ???? How old is she.


She had been on them from aged 14 up until 20. The docs tried all different combinations, doses, therapy, and nothing worked. Being hospitalised for four months did not help either. There was no obvious improvement in her condition at all. She has been diagnosed as treatment resistant as its not through non-compliance. She has been off them 3 years now and is just the same as she has been although thankfully not self harming which is an improvement.


She could be low in vitamin D.


Hi. Yes she is taking vitamin D. In the past she has been low in B12, folate Ferritin as well. She is having a blood test this week to check these again. Her diet is normally very good which does point to perhaps an absorption problem but we shall see what the tests come back with. Its not really fair though that we should have to keep pushing for answers when in the long run if her health was improved she would not be costing the government so much in benefits. I know it costs to have blood tests done but surely prevention is better than cure!


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