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Feeling Hopeless

Honestly, it's almost 3am and I'm still awake wondering what the point of life is, lately everything I do feels meaningless and empty, I have a lot of really supportive friends and family members but I can't bring myself to care anymore, there's nothing I want and I have no goals, I've tried to hang myself in the past and failed, it's hard to find the will to live when all you can find in life is problems and the rewards are never worth the effort, I can't find joy in the things I use to love and days just become a meaningless blur,

I'd like to hear a few copping tips, if you don't mind, anything to help really.

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Hello there! Sigh, I am sorry if you are feeling that way, I've been thru with those kind of situation, wanted to die, wanted to drive my car in front of a high speed truck; but IDK, I'm still here living, sometimes, can be able to smile, I am still here coz i know out from my emotions and mind, I know I really wanted to live and continue to write my fighting stories about GAD + Depression. You know, it is really really hard to get-up when you have anxiety + depression, but what I did before and now, is find something to look forward everyday, and try to live day by day, even try to look for a new pet to help you boost your mood, go or get out of the room, let the sun touch your skin for a while. My doctor taught me on how to fight my anxiety and depression, as well as she's giving me medicibe to sleep and be relax.

How are you now?


Sorry for such a late reply, I fell asleep,

I'm not sure how I feel most of the time, I guess I feel calm now but I also feel unmotivated,

I'll try your tips,

Even though I feel like everything's pointless I'm still here for some reason,

I just find it hard to cope but I still want to try,

Thank you

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How are you? Sigh...sorry for the late reply, been busy working just to distract myself to think about anxious things hehehe...

How are you? Any progress?


Meaningless blur, no joy in anything... I can relate to that. Coping strategies are very specific to each person, so mine may not be much help but here goes:

First, I like to keep to a fairly strict routine because I have very little external structure in my life - working from home (which is what I do) is like being unemployed in a lot of ways and living alone does not help enforce discipline in life. I try to get up at the same time each day, eat at set times, and go to bed at a reasonable hour. I think if I let myself slip and started to lie around in bed, I'd be in a real mess. Well, more of a mess anyway.

Next, I keep the house tidy, clean and maintained, and keep up-to-date with important jobs. It's not easy to get motivated, but I figure that it's easier to keep on top of things this way. Once your environment gets into a mess tackling it can be daunting, it's really disheartening, and it makes depression much worse as you feel more of a failure. When I have jobs that I really don't feel like tackling, usually dealing with finance issues, I do a bit each day and it always feels good when I complete something.

I like to set one day a week aside as 'different' from the rest - I pick Sunday, and always try to do something I like, something I don't do in the week normally. I always avoid work on this day, just to keep it different. It helps to have one day to break the week up, and that gives me something to focus on in the near future, rather than thinking too far ahead.

I take one day at a time, and I don't think about the future AT ALL. If I did, I'd probably call it a day.

It's very easy to dwell on the past. I've gone over my entire life, time and time again, and it has never resolved anything. My advice is to leave the past behind, just learn from mistakes where you can. Self-analysis just seems to reinforce low self-esteem, at least it does for me.

Exercise really helps me, but I find it has to be rather vigorous and prolonged. I go running a lot, because it's cheap and gets me out of the house. Once I'm suitably knackered, I can happily idle around for a few hours, it's as if the depression is still there but I just can't feel it any more. Also it keeps my weight down so I can eat what I like and not feel guilty, so I basically live on porridge, pizza and biscuit assortments (with a few vitamins for good measure). I don't recommend resistance exercise, though, that seems to make things worse.

I take every opportunity to get out and get some sun... maybe it's the vitamin D but it really relaxes me, just sitting with the cat and reading a book for an hour helps a lot.

It's very important to have something to focus the mind, something creative. For me, that's cooking, bread making and working on a computer which is really mind-numbing. I'd recommend the latter to anyone! But anything that takes your mind away from yourself for a few hours is good, be it gardening, writing, studying something, etc. But you have to put something of yourself into it, I don't think just doing crosswords or jigsaws will help in the long run.

All of this has literally kept me alive for the last 18 months, I never thought I'd make it this far but I'm still going. I hope it helps you in some way.

Stay strong,



Hey, my name is Johnathan and I understand what you are going through. Push through the pain and you will find joy. Look for a woman that you fall in love the moment you see her and I promise you that you will feel much better. Try new things that seem exciting a talk everything out. I'm in the same situation as you almost. My girlfriends mother broke us up and I have no contact with her and I am still contemplating suicide, everyday is hard but without pushing myself then I would be dead. I have the will to live so I can see the love of my life. Think of your family and don't end your life, we all have something to live for and we are all loved by someone. I know you don't know me but I want to help you because I am having the same thoughts. I'm only 16 but I can help the best way I can. You can beat this depression and find happiness, you will be rewarded something great when this is over. Life will be wonderful, I promise you that you can beat this.


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